Pet Dental Health Month Giveaway

“Most people have no idea that dental health is so important to their pets, and that’s why Pet Dental Health Month is such a great idea,” explains Dr. Larry Corry, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). “In fact, veterinarians report that periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in dogs and cats. This can lead to painful infections of the mouth, and in severe cases these infections can spread and become life-threatening conditions. During Pet Dental Health Month, the AVMA is encouraging all dog and cat owners to regularly brush their pet’s teeth and regularly see their veterinarian for checkups.”

This Giveaway package is in recognition of Pet Dental Health Month to help spotlight some of the products out there to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. One lucky winner will receive ll 3 of the following products to use on their dog in order to help ensure their overall health. Remember healthy teeth and gums equal a healthier heart!

Pet Dental Health Month
Arm & Hammer® Advanced Care Dental Finger Wipes for Dogs
Support your dog’s oral health the easy way by scrubbing his or her teeth with these specially designed finger wipes. The wipes slide right over your finger so you can easily reach every tooth and distribute the baking soda and natural herb ingredients to control tartar, clean teeth and deodorize your dog’s mouth.

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is as easy as a few swipes of your finger with these convenient Arm & Hammer Advanced Care Dental Finger Wipes for Dogs. Designed to fit snugly over your finger, the wipes make it easy to clean the tough-to-reach areas of your pup’s mouth, ensuring that every last molar gets proper treatment. The formula of baking soda and natural herbs deodorizes, cleans and controls tartar to promote good oral health and fresh breath.

pet dental health month
Arm & Hammer® 3-Sided Toothbrush for Dogs
Feel triple confident that your dog’s teeth and gums are healthy and strong by brushing with this 3-sided toothbrush. Bristles cover 3 sides of the brush’s head to tightly fit around each tooth and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach spaces.

Your canine’s canines will sparkle from every angle when you brush them with this Arm & Hammer 3-Sided Toothbrush for Dogs. The bristles that cover 3 sides of the toothbrush scrub your dog’s teeth from top to bottom and back to front, to ensure even hard-to-reach spots are clean and healthy. The head snugly fits around each tooth to help you keep the brush in the right spot.

Pet Dental Health month

Arm & Hammer Gum Care Dental Foam for Dogs
Max strength dental foam fights tartar buildup, soothes inflamed gums and eliminates bad breath, keeping your dog’s teeth in top form. Comes in spearmint flavor. Baking soda cleans and deodorizes. Natural herbs kill tartar.

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  1. Chew bones, brushing, etc. I do the best that I can, but I could do more.

  2. I give him rawhide bones to chew.

  3. We brush them!

  4. We use the dental treats, and a liquid that is added to their water that reduces plaque. My husband has been known to brush them on occasion too.

  5. Danielle E. says

    Regular vet visits, we add dental kibble to his normal diet, and plenty of chewies that are good for his teeth

  6. I give my dogs bully sticks and have plenty of other chew toys for them like deer antlers.

  7. Kelly Ann T. says

    I brush both my dogs’ teeth and they get tarter control treats.

  8. We brush both of our dogs teeth and give them greenies as well

  9. Chew treats that help, and brushing.

  10. Lauren Garrett says

    We brush them every two weeks!

  11. Darcy Grieger says

    Chew bones and brushing… Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  12. I give her dental chews.

  13. I brush our dog’s teeth three times a week and he chews on Dental Bones to to prevent plaque

  14. Eileen Burke says

    We give them those special bones to chew!

  15. Shannon Baas says


  16. Jude Skocki Kelly says


  17. I get dental bones that are supposed to help them clean their teeth.

  18. Paula Tavernie says

    I give them lots of chew bones!

  19. I brush her teeth regular, give her vet-approved chew toys, and don’t give her people food.

  20. I meant I brush them regularly. 🙂

  21. Jennifer Boehme says

    I brush them at least 3 times a week or more. She has dental chews. I check her teeth & gums often for any changes. I just learned Dentastix eliminated 80% of the tartar, so going to stock up on those chews.

  22. jara Christensen says

    I get him the dentasticks! he loves them!

    [email protected]

  23. Lori Miller says

    Teeth brushing, chewies, dry kibbles, plus regular vet checks.

  24. ShellieAndBrutus says

    I try to brush, or I will give a dental treat that has enzymes to help keep teeth clean.

  25. April V. says

    We give her dental treats but also play with what we call the ‘stringy’ which pretty much flosses for her as we play with it.

  26. Monique Rizzo says

    I brush them weekly.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  27. I brush my dogs teeth.

  28. Amy DeLong says

    bones and brush them

  29. I brush my puppies teeth!

    [email protected]

  30. Mary Baker says

    I take them to get their teeth cleaned as needed!

  31. I actually brush all of my dogs teeth lol. not daily by no means but regularly none the less. Other then that all of my dogs also have chew bones that are suppose to help them keep their teeth clean.

  32. I don’t give her any table scraps.

  33. I make sure they eat right and have crunchy dog bones/bisquits

  34. Devona Fryer says

    Give him things to chew on to take off plaque.

  35. JR Pickett (Vicki Vix) says

    I use dental treats like dentastix. She also gets rawhide and I brush her teeth once every two weeks.

  36. I give my dog dental chews a few times a week

  37. kathy pease says

    my hubbys dog chico tries to bite me so i just give him milk

  38. I always brush my poodle Nelson’s teeth! He also chews lots of healthy bones.

  39. Marthalynn says

    Regular dental cleanings are just part of life for my favorite little pup!

  40. I scrape teeth with a dental pic every few months

  41. Brian Smith says

    Brush teeth, use Plaque Attack

  42. tami husak says

    chew bones and get teeth brushed when groomed

  43. Amy Baker says

    Brush them and give them greenies

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