Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Out for a Walk

Wordless Wednesday

Dog looking over the fence

There is always something interesting to see in someone else's yard

Palm Tree

We look at the beautiful Palm Trees

purple flower

And stop to sniff the flowers

colorful plant

Hunt lizards hiding under plants

stacked cavalier king charles spaniel

We stop and wait for traffic to go by

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

We dig in the dirt making our faces all dirty.


Sometimes Feral Kitten comes for a walk with us.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Once in a while after a walk we go into the backyard and we drink water from the pool even when there are lots of leaves floating around.

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  1. we hear you, with the ‘there’s always something interesting in other people’s yards…that’s why we love barking at it so much.

    ♥yuki and rocket

  2. brianna dale says

    How sweet! Beautiful pics!! Love the flowers

  3. Great photos. Gretel digs in the dirt with her face too (she actually eats it). I can tell when she comes in with dirt all over her lips 🙂

    • I didn’t want to point out that you can actually see the dirt in her mouth. But yes sometimes they both eat dirt. I guess it tastes good or something.

  4. I want a marmalade kitty!

  5. Elizabeth Owens says

    You get to see a lot of pretty things on your walk! I LOVE the picture with the purple flowers. It is a really cool color

  6. What a cute puppy. Love the flower picture, very pretty!

  7. OH how I love sniffing in other peoples yards!! HA!


  8. Dexter Dog says

    Wow that pool water looks refreshing slurrrrp

  9. Looks like a great walk there! 🙂

  10. what beautiful flowers 🙂

  11. Looks like you had alot of fun on one walk WOW!

  12. Looks like a fun walk, nice pics

  13. cute

  14. Sweet puppy! Reverse osmosis filtration for the pool – that makes for a safe and refreshing drink, leaves or no leaves:)

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