Dog Rescued from Icy Water Still Looking for Owners

Dog Rescued from Icy Water

A good aamaritan called 911 after seeing a dog struggling to get out of icy water Friday afternoon. Fighterfighters rushed to the scene and then swam through the icy waters to get the dog out. The dog had been struggling to get back on solid ice but kept falling back into the icy water until help arrived. Firefighters arrived in time to pull the freezing dog out of the water and hand it over to paramedics who wrapped it in a blanket and rushed the dog over to the Denver Animal Shelter for treatment.

The dog was named by his rescuers “Iceman,” is recovering at the Denver Animal Shelter and seems to be in good health. The owner has yet to come forward to claim their dog though it is believed that the dog was not a stray as it was recently groomed and wearing a collar though apparently did not have any ID. It is difficult to see what kind of dog it is in the video but if you know of anyone in Denver that is missing a dog please share this video with them in case it is their dog.

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  1. L.D. pegram Boyle says:

    I always hate to hear about dog struggling to get out of icy water, but very thankful, that the dog is ok! Also, thankful for the good smaritan, and the people that rescued this dog.

  2. Benny & Lily says:

    Kudos to those fireman
    Benny & Lily

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