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With all of the new recipes we have been sharing with you of things to cook for the entire family including the dogs I thought it would be fun to do a Giveaway for this Cook’n Recipe Organizer Software. This way you can keep track of your favorites as well as find new ones. If you are the winner you will receive your very own copy of this software.
Cook’n is an amazing tool for moms and their families. With Cook’n you can enter & organize all of your personal recipes, create meal plans, make shopping lists, print family cookbooks, analyze nutrition, easily scale recipes, and more. With the newest version, you can search for and find the best recipes on the internet using the Cook’n Recipe Browser. When you find one you like, simply click CAPTURE and it will automatically import it into Cook’n in seconds. The software is helping families stay organized, save money, eat healthier, and enjoy more home-cooked meals. The new year is an excellent time to talk about these benefits!



To me this software is very much like Pinterest only for recipes! Most of you know that I love Pinterest for all of the fun recipes, pictures of dogs, and amazing places to visit you can find there. This software takes it up a notch to help you actually put all of those amazing recipes you find online into practice for you and your family. I know with Pinterest that I might like the picture but the recipe might be non existent or doesn’t explain how to do something you have never done before. With this software you can find amazing full recipes and the best part is your family will think you went to culinary school while they were out for the day.

Find the Best Recipes on the Internet
Capture and Save Internet Recipes
Enter Your Own Personal Recipes
Sync Recipes with iPhone, iPad, & Android
Print a Family Cookbook
Analyze Nutritional Values
Make Menus, Shopping Lists & More!
Get Free Cookbook with Purchase

I think this is a great tool to help organize all of your old family recipes before the notecards your grandmother wrote out by hand fade completely or that piece of paper your tore out of the magazine years ago and use on a regular basis gets lost in the drawer. Create a family keepsake of recipes that you can present to your children or your family as a present next Christmas. Not yet ready to make a family cookbook then start slow and use this software to help you create dinner one meal at a time. Whether you are trying to feed your entire family or just want to try and feed the dog some special healthy extras this is a great tool to have.

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  1. Kolchak, Felix & Jodi says

    Oh my, do I ever need this! I create one (now two) new recipes for dog-centric or dog friendly goodies a week. It would be awesome to be better organized with storing the recipes. Dog-forbid my blog ever crashes…I could lose it all…**shudder**

  2. Rachel Miller says

    This will be perfect for keeping all recipes in one place… it would be much easier to plan meals w/ what I have on hand!

  3. Julie Green says

    My cooking challenge is keeping track of the recipes that we like. I am always searching for them. This would be great to keep me organized!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  4. Susan Smith says

    My greatest challenge is making something that everyone likes.


  5. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I find it difficult to find new recipes I like and My family likes.

  6. Jayme From WI says

    My greatest challenge for dinnertime is making something we all like quickly–and adding variety!

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  7. our family’s cooking challenges are getting the kids to eat vegetables and cooking yummy veggie dishes.

  8. Lorayne Gothard says

    my challenge is trying to cook something that my three kids and husband will eat on a budget!!

  9. Monica W. says

    I am still new to the country, so sometimes I get lost in translation! lol…I also have tons of recipes in books, files and on my computer – so sometimes it is hard to navigate and find what I need quickly!

  10. Lauren Garrett says

    Getting everything out at the same time

  11. Eileen Burke says

    Just finding healthy kid friendly meals

  12. Our cooking challenges are trying to decide on a meal that will please everyone.

  13. Cooking something everyone likes and cooking with in time restraints

  14. Anne Lehnick says

    Our biggest challenge is making a home cooked meal for our two kids in only an hour or so each night.

  15. Michelle Tucker says

    Our biggest challenge is to have vegetables that everyone will eat. So difficult!

  16. Amy DeLong says

    making something that everyone likes!


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