Men Love Dogs Too! Meet Kevin and His Dog Luna!

Men Love Dogs Too!


The little girl who started it all

Hi everyone, my name’s Kevin and I’m a man who loves dogs.

Hi Kevin!

Yes, we do exist, my obsession with dogs started when I was only young. Until I moved out of my parent’s place, we always had dogs. One of my earliest memories is picking up one of our puppies when I was only about three years old. I remember sitting in the back of the car and having her, Tina, jump all over me. Over the last few years, I had been moving from house to house and so hadn’t been able to get one of my own.

Now, I have a house with a yard in Melbourne, Australia, my partner Antonio, and our 8-month-old Beagle daughter, Luna. I’ve never been happier! I started blogging back when we first picked Luna up and it has led me to places that I never thought possible. I now have a job in social media for The Lost Dogs’ Home, one of Australia’s largest animal welfare organizations, and am also here, writing for Two Little Cavaliers!

Antonio refers to me as ‘Cesar Millan’ sometimes because of the affinity that I have with dogs. They are my people!

“Men Love Dogs Too!” will be a weekly column, looking at loving dogs from the male point of view. We do all the things that all dog lovers do, bake treats, stay active, check out products and are always looking out for new ways to keep Luna happy and healthy.

I thought I would take this week to introduce myself, and what I’m all about, so thank you to Two Little Cavaliers for having me here, and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you!




Meet Kevin- Kevin is 24, from Melbourne, Australia and a guy who loves dogs! Kevin lives with his partner Antonio and their puppy Luna who has her own blog at . He has been a dog person for as long as he can remember, he is allergic to cats, and now works for The Lost Dogs’ Home in Melbourne. When he’s not writing or blogging he is also an Actor

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  1. Felissa – Great idea for a weekly feature! I love Kevin’s blog – sometimes it’s nice to know that it’s not only ladies out here in the pet blogosphere. 🙂

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