Cocker Spaniel Puppy for Will and Kate

Cocker Spaniel for Royal Couple


After weeks of speculation it has finally been officially revealed that the Royal Couple’s new puppy is a Cocker Spaniel. A gift from William to Catherine on her 30th birthday in early January. There were rumors that the new puppy seen with the royal couple was a Labrador the same breed that William had while growing up but this was a gift for Kate and so the breed that she favors was chosen.

Since the puppy was added to the family The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been spotted taking even more beach strolls with the puppy. The royal couple live in a secluded town close to where Will is usually stationed as a member of the Helicopter Team with the Royal Air Force.

The name of the new puppy has not been revealed yet only that they acquired the new family member through a family friend.

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  1. darlene bohannon says:

    so cute,hope to here the name soon

  2. Carol Bryant says:

    My concern is that many people will want one because the Royal Couple has one. Not an easy breed to groom and having some health issues, as all breeds do, after any popular breed comes into focus there are eons of dogs who then end up abandoned in shelters.

  3. Sweet photo, sweet story. Thanks for the update.

  4. Cute puppy. I hope William and Kate are having a wonderful like together.

  5. Wayne Hurlbert says:

    What a wonderful birthday present.

  6. Gratitude 😉

  7. Laurel Hunt says:

    Beautiful photo. The puppy appears to be an English Cocker. Spaniels are love! May they all have many happy years together.
    Laurel, celebrating the love of dogs at
    Bark Wag Love

  8. L. D. Pegram Boyle says:

    Cocker Spaniels are sweet dogs, but have some health issues. I’m sure this dog will be taken care of. Can’t wait to hear what the name will be.

  9. Courtney @ Centsablelady says:

    I love this picture. My first puppy was a buff cocker spaniel, Cookie.

    Just coming by to bring some love. Please stop by to bring some love.

  10. Awwww….. I am so happy they have a dog to love them too! And by taking the pup for walks it shows me they love him too!

  11. Courtney Fisk says:

    I grew up with cockers, I would love to get one again someday when the kids are grown!


  1. Orr Blog says:

    Cocker Spaniels Are Cute Personal Checks

    […] the puppy. The royal couple live in a secluded town close to where Will is usual […]

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