Video: Something My Dog Does When Wearing Pants

Photo Courtesy of Skye's Facebook Page


Have you ever tried to get your dogs to wear booties for the winter and they lift their feet up like they have something horrible on them? Or they can’t quite remember how to walk? What about if you put a pair of pants on them. What would that look like? Skye’s owner did just that and somehow he couldn’t remember to use his back legs and went down the stairs in a hand stand. Its really cute and sure to bring a smile to your face to watch this video.



A little about Skye:
My name is Skye Dog. I am a 2 year old Lakeland Terrier. I’ve been working at Charles Hutcheson Fine Jewelry since I’ve been a puppy. I’m the official greeter. I also like to go on adventures. I walk all over West Reading and love to hike. I like the water, but just up to my ankles.

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  1. I love this funny! It made my day. I am a big dog lover and this was plain adorable! Thanks for linking up. I am now following if you would like to follow back:) I hope you have a great New Year!!

  2. My toddler and I love watching cute animal videos! This one is so funny, that dog could joint the circus in his pants!

    Thanks for following my blog, ToddlerToDo!


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