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Several months ago we were sent a leash locket to try out and see how it worked for the girls. I am going to start out by saying it did not work for us.


This is not a manipulated picture. The LeashLocket was put on properly and secured following the directions. It just seems too heavy and bulky for Indiana to use.


The LeashLocket thing even though it was supposedly the right size for the girls was too heavy and when attached to their collar would always turn to the bottom of their necks and bump into thing and drag against the ground. At one point in the hour that I had Indiana wearing she got herself caught on something in the house. To be fair Indiana could care less that it was attached to her neck she didn’t try to get it off it just seemed to weigh her down. Davinia did not like it attached to her collar. I figured maybe the girls are just too small to use it properly so I tried it on a bigger dog but their collar was too thick and I couldn’t attach it to the dogs collar even to see how it would work. There is also no way due to the size of the leash locket compared to the size of my hand that I would be able to walk both dogs at the same time using this.

I took all three dogs outside separately using the LeashLocket. We only stayed outside for a short period of time because the leash material did not seem strong enough in the event the girls saw a squirrel or bunny hopping by (we were in the mountains at the time). The product is strength tested and should stand up but I have had malfunctions with leashes and collars before so I am really careful.

I know that the size we were sent was not meant for a dog that big so I attached her regular leash (for safety) and the leash locket and took her out for a quick potty break. The bigger dog I used to test it with goes for walks with a retractable leash all the time (Davinia and Indiana are not).

In theory this is what our experience should have been like. I could see it working well for a big dog if you had the right size to start off with. Obviously ours was supposed to be for two 15lb dogs to try so we were sent the smaller version.

This is my conclusion:

This might be an option to have around if your dog regularly gets upset stomachs and needs to go out often and quickly. You could just leave them in a quiet space with the locket attached to the collar and pull it out as you run your baby out the door. But reading the website you are not supposed to leave the leash locket on for prolonged periods so I guess this wouldn’t be an approved option.

I didn’t have any way to test this theory and of course it would go against proper use but an elderly person who has arthritis and cannot use their hands to manipulate small objects might be able to use these. They could have someone attach the leash locket to their dog’s harness and then they just have to pull on the big locket when it is time to take the dog for a walk. This way they don’t have to struggle to attach the leash to their dogs collar it would be there no more stress for them when the dog is begging to go out and their hands are frozen due to the weather or they are having a bad day. I would still worry that the dog could get stuck on something in the house so if there was a way to make the LeashLocket lay flat against the collar or harness I think it would go a long way towards making this a more attractive item for me. Possibly using three snaps instead of one to keep it in place.


Edited to include LeashLocket’s response:


It should be mentioned that the reason why it took so long to write this review is that I did not want to write it. I was contacted by LeashLocket and told to write the review or send back the LeashLocket. We do not send back products that do not work for us.  I just choose not to write a review on that product. If we recommend a product that doesn’t work for us and say how brilliant the product is or how much the girls liked it and someone goes out and buys the item and their dog gets hurt or sick then we obviously didn’t do our job if we had the same negative experience but said it was great just to have something to write about or get more page views.

Indiana and Davinia weigh approximately 15lbs so a product that can work on a 55lb dog is going to be way too big for our use. PERIOD.  The other dog I tried it on (the one I also had a regular leash on in case she pulled weighs somewhere around 55lbs and there is no way I would have been able to control her with the leashlocket and if it should in theory work on dogs her size there is a problem because I could not attach it to her collar which is too thick for the snap piece to connect around. Apparently in this picture the LeashLocket is no longer on correctly that would be because Indiana did that herself after hanging out in the house for a while. If she can do that there is a problem with the magnetic device.

Yesterday when visiting a friends blog I noticed she had done a Review of the LeashLocket including a picture of her dog with it on in this picture you can see it does not lay flat either and the thing that attaches to the collar hanging down. Something about this obviously doesn’t work for small dogs.


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  1. Interesting idea, however, in the movie it made a point of saying how the leash locket would be quick and easy to grab the dog and keep them under control if something happened. It looks to me like it might take a bit of time to “just grab it” and manipulate the leash in a way to get your dog “instantly” under control.

  2. The LeashLocket team encourages readers to view the video posted with this review. Unfortunately the Two Little Cavaliers review shows a photo of LeashLocket attached upside-down, and improperly seated on the magnetic collar attachment. The LeashLocket provided to the Two Little Cavaliers reviewer weighs just over 2.5 ounces, and is suitable for dogs up to 55 pounds. Please refer to the many reviews showing proper use of LeashLocket at . Should you have any questions, please contact LeashLocket at info@

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