Little Girl’s Autism Service Dog Stolen


Toby the American Bull Terrier plays a very special role in the life of one of her family members. Allie is a 9 year old little girl with autism and Toby was trained to to keep her safe so that she could be more independent. Allie has only a very limited vocabulary and so Toby is her lifeline when she is upset or in danger. Allie does not understand where her dog went or why it will not come to her and her parents cannot not do anything to help her understand.

On Tuesday, witnesses told police they saw Toby snatched and taken away in a car from her own front yard. The family is praying for his safe return back to Allie. The family refuses to give up hope and and will continue to search for him with the help of local police.  Berkeley County sheriff’s deputies are searching for the person driving a black Dodge Charger who witnesses say took the dog. Witnesses say a white female with blonde hair took the dog. Allie’s family is offering a reward to anyone who returns him.

He was last seen wearing a spiked leather collar with the Nolan’s address and phone number on it. If you have any information on Toby you can contact the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina.

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  1. Katherine G says:

    I hate stories like this. Its bad enough when an animal is stolen but its even worst when it is from someone who depends on the animal for their lively hood. I hope they find him.

  2. This is just sad. Why would anyone steal someone’s dog? I sure hope they find her. Please keep us updated!

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