Does Your Dog Suffer From Car Sickness?


When Davinia was younger she would start getting sick the moment we got her in the car. It would start with excessive drooling and within 5 minutes she would be vomiting all over. We tried everything from store bought car sickness medication from the pet store to Benadryl. We tried in a crate, carrying bag, and just on my lap. We could not go anywhere without Davinia getting sick. In the begining we were living in Queens, NY and got around with public transportation and the occasional taxi so it wasn’t like we could practice by going on short trips to the pet store or local dog park which some people suggest in order to get your puppy used to driving in the car. Davinia’s issue only had to do with cars on the plane she was perfectly fine and able to rest the entire flight.


Indiana sleeping and Davinia taking in the scenery

Eventually after Indiana came along I got my first Mini Cooper and car trips became more frequent. I was taking Indiana to dog shows and would have to leave Davinia home because I didn’t want her getting sick all over Indiana. More time passed and Davinia was in the car more often but always with the same result. Then one day before we were going on a car trip from NYC to Miami for some dog shows and to see the sights I took the Davinia to the vet for a second opinion about something which turned out to be a complete false alarm but as I was leaving I happened to mention to the vet who I had worked with and respected (teached me for going to one just because it was closer) if she has a remedy for car sickness. She said to buy human Dramamine in the less drowsy formula and to give Davinia a quarter of a tablet a half hour before getting in the car.

Davinia a very happy girl after a day of driving

Before we got into the car for the first day of our car trip I gave her the Dramamine and for good measure gave one to Indiana as well since we were going to be in the car for most of the day. Davinia did her usual thing. Before we could even get on the highway she was drooling excessively and I thought well here goes good thing we brought a roll of paper towels. But she never vomited. By the time we were crossing the Verazano Bridge she was laying down and resting. When we finally made it into New Jersey after hitting massive traffic she was asleep cuddled up with Indiana. From that day forward every morning before we got into the car the girls got a quarter of a Dramamine and we were able to avoid any car sickness.

For about a year after that car trip before we got in the car to go anywhere the girls would have their Dramamine with a little treat so their stomach’s weren’t totally empty. Then one day I forgot to give Davinia Dramamine before getting her in the car and panicked thinking she was going to throw up. She didn’t because by then she learned that she didn’t have to get sick in the car that things would be ok and we would manage. Davinia no longer gets Dramamine before every car ride and can even have small treats before we start driving and some food during the drive when I stop.

Since we have never really talked about our miracle car sickness cure I figured now would be a good time so that you can have a chance to pick some up and call your vet for dosing instructions before you get in the car to drive to family for the holidays. I would give them the medicine a half hour to an hour before we would get in the car and they would be good to go. I usually gave it wrapped in a bit of peanut butter, cream cheese, or honey but some people say if you can give it in a Ginger Snap type cookie that the ginger will also help keep their stomach calmer and they will have a good size treat in the process.


this is what the package looks like

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  1. Kolchak & Jodi says

    Kol has a queasy car tummy and we use ginger capsules from the health food store to settle his tummy. 1 capsule about 1/2 hour before we go and it works like a charm!


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