Wordless Wednesday – Do You Wear Snoods?











What is a Dog Snood?
Snoods are designed for floppy or long eared breeds to keep the dog’s ears from being submersed in their water and food bowls. Imagine, no more sopping wet or crunchy ears at meal time!


How do you use them?

Place them on the dog’s head as shown and gently tuck the ears inside. Elastic is at the top and bottom to hold the ears comfortably in place and to keep them from falling into food and water bowls. DOGS SHOULD ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED WHEN WEARING SNOODS!


Do you use them for every meal or more often?
That is completely up to you. Some dogs wear them for every meal. Some dogs wear them for meal times and when going out to play so they don’t get burs and seeds stuck in their ears. Some only wear them on special occasions when they need to keep their ears clean or when eating a special meal or treat.

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  1. OMG! I never heard of a snood. This would be perfect for my bassets if I could get over the laughing fit I’d have! What a funny picture.

  2. My Cavaliers are so embarrassed when they have to wear their “snoods”. Luckily for them they only have to wear them for special occasions!!!

  3. Sarah Woods says

    Those are horrible! lol The poor dogs look like they’re in trouble, which is exactly what my dogs would think. I doubt they’d even feel comfortable enough to eat while wearing one. It’s a nice idea but much easier to just wipe their ears off with a wipe lol

    • No dogs were hurt while wearing their snoods. In fact after eating they can take them off themselves. They aren’t fans but they don’t mind them as much as they let on in these pictures.

  4. Benny & Lily says

    oh brother! BOL we never heard of those things
    Benny & Lily

  5. Yes, my Rory wears a snood at meal time. He is an Irish setter with lovely long ears and feathers so snood are a must to keep the hair clean. I have made a number of them for him and thanks for reminding me that I need to make one for Thanksgiving. 🙂

  6. And in reply to a couple of the negaive comments I will also say that my Rory doesn’t mind wearing a snood at all. He actually waits in front of his bowl for it. He also knows that as soon as he finishes eating he gets a small treat and it somes off. He has been wearing one since he was a puppy and wo’t eat if I forget to put it on. 🙂 Wearing it is so much easier than washing the food out of his ear feathers. Also if food is stuck in the hair it makes brushing hurt so you see there is a very good reason for long haired, long earred dogs to wear them.

  7. My two greyhounds wear woollie snoods against the cold. I also knit these woollen snoods to raise money for greyhound charities.

  8. Edie Kashner says

    My Cavalier King Charles (Sophia) wears her Snood at all meal times. She never had a problem with it and waits for me to take it off after she eats and drinks. The best thing ever made.

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