Dog Calls 911 Responding Officer Shoots Dog


Manatee County Florida Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 hang up call at a family residence that has now been blamed on the dogs living in the apartment. When the owner of the home tried to open the door and step outside to speak to Police to find out why they were there her two very big dogs pushed her out of the way and started running after the officers.

Accounts differ as to whether the dogs were acting aggressively or just overexcited and wanted to play.  According to one local television news report the dogs were friendly Giant Mastiff mixes that love to play and are friendly with the neighbors who were allowing the dog who was not shot to rest in their lap. According to other sources the dogs were aggressive and dangerous being Mastiff-Pit bull mixes.

What I do know is that I have never met a Mastiff who ran very fast even when finding themselves accidentally loose and out for an adventure. Yes they are big dogs powerful dogs so a police officer responding to a 911 call who do not know the situation could think in split second decision that the dogs did something and the occupants of the house needed help. Then again the owner came to the door and was trying to get out while leaving the dogs inside.

Again not knowing the full story in this situation whenever someone knocks on my door unexpectedly I will always say one minute and put the dogs away before opening it so they can’t run out by accident. The police officers who responded might have been banging on the door and yelling for the person to open it upsetting the dogs and the person thinking there was something wrong made the decision to open the door to police officers with their guns drawn. I know in my neighborhood that is how police respond to 911 calls with their guns out so the banging on the door and the small of the gun could have very well upset the dogs who thought they needed to protect their owner from a perceived threat. Then again they might have been raised to be aggressive and protect their owner in such a way.

I have been unable to confirm the condition of the dog that was shot other then it was taken to a Veterinarian.


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  1. People make it too easy for their dogs to get killed. Doesn’t matter if the dogs were aggressive or not. The whole thing could have been avoided if she had any control over her dogs at all.

    Teach them not to run out of the front door – problem solved.

  2. I hate the thought of this!

  3. Its crap that the dog got shot, but i doubt the police had their guns drawn at the door, they probably drew the guns when the dog was rushing them, no i dont think its ok what they did, and i also am not a big fan of police, but saying they answer calls with their guns drawn is bull, i live in a pretty rough area of new york and police here certainlly dont answer the calls or come to someones door like that until they asses the situation, please know what u are talking about before u say or write something that is false.

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