Wordless Wednesday – Indiana Steals a Feather

Indiana showing off her feather

Something that most of you don’t know is that on our walks Indiana will pick up anything that isn’t bolted down and carry it off. She locks on and will not let go for anything. If ti is food she is chewing on it and swallowing it faster then I can attempt to get me hands near her mouth to get it away from her. She has gotten some pretty disgusting things that I will not mention here and the only way for me to get her to drop it is to hurry home and convince her she would like to trade for a really special treat. Well last night we went for out usual walk of course it was dark out and she found something before I even knew it was there. This was somethign so special she refused to continue on our walk and so we turned around to come home. We got to a house with really bright outside lights and I saw she had a giant feather in her mouth. I felt better knowing what it was and knowing that the feather must have been on the ground already.

When we got home I realized it couldn’t even have been dropped by a bird recently and it looked like it came from a flower arrangement or some kind of fancy home decor as the feather only had feathering on one side and the other side was cut short almost to the center. Knowing there was nothing gross about what she had gotten I figured I would take a few pictures for Wordless Wednesday and share them with all of you before I made the trade for her feather.

So you can see the feather is almost as long as she is. The tip of the feather is sticking out the other side of her mouth.

After the photo session and the trade for a treat I took the girls into a carpeted room and played with them with the feather letting them run and jump and play withut Indiana getting the feather in her mouth. Davinia thought it was a great game. So now I need to find a dog safe toy feather for them to play with that they think is the real thing.

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  1. How cute that Indiana picked up a feather that matched her coat! What a fashionista.

    • She is a little Diva when she wants to be. But this was meant for a snack not a fashion statement. I cleaned the dirt off of her nose and mouth before taking the pictures.

  2. aww, the feather blends in with her fur! desmond only picks up edible items, especially when those items are dead animals. ugh.

    • This was in her mind an edible item. The reason why she is still on the leash is because if I let her off she would have gone and hid under the couch or bed and ate it.

  3. what a fun name for a dog… Indiana jones had a dog named indiana infact that is who he was named after…

    just a little movie trivia lol

    FUN photos luv the first one definitely frame worthy

    • Indiana is a girl but she is very adventurous and not afraid of much. The first picture I saw of her she was climbing on a rock playing queen of the mountain at like 4 weeks old. She is the only Tom Boy Diva I have ever met.

  4. Adorable. She’s so cute. My boys don’t really pick up stuff off the ground, but if they do, it’s usually something they want to eat. Gross! 🙂

    • That’s why this was the first picture of her finds. Its usually something incredibly gross like a lizard or some sort of road kill. I take out a stack of napkins to try and get the stuff out of her mouth usually.

  5. Indiana you’re looking very snazzy! You only need a fedora to go with that!

    • She says thank you but would prefer to be eating it. Too bad I wouldn’t let her run off and hide under the couch or this would not have been around long enough for a picture opp.

  6. Cute dogs. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. What a cute pup!!!! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to pick up that dog and cuddle. lol

  8. yes I agree that feather matches her fur! It’s like a feather boa! What a smart girl she is and a beautiful one too!

  9. Cokie the Cat says

    She looks like an Native American dog! She’s so cute and so proud of her feather! That’s just adorable.

  10. What a beasutiful doggie. So cute with the father in her mouth too.

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