Ke$ha: First Global Ambassador for Animals

According to HSI Vice President Kitty Block Ke$ha’s goal is to help HSI promote respect, protection, and compassion for animals around the world. The level of care afforded to animals varies widely from place to place, even within the same country. But “We believe empathy for animals is a basic human condition that needs to be encouraged and celebrated. Ke$ha, with her interest in our cause and international recognition, is in a unique position to help us promote a global culture of compassion for animals.”

Right now, Ke$ha is helping to raise funds for HSI’s vital work by teaming up with Tickets-for-Charity® to offer fans a special selection of premium concert seats in sold-out sections for all her North American shows in September. These exclusive tickets are available here along with tickets for other exclusive events with other artists looking t give back from their tours.

Ke$ha wants to have hands-on involvement in HSI’s efforts to protect animals. “I am honored to be the first HSI Global Ambassador because my music is inspired by the freedom and primal beauty of animals and the natural world,” she says. One of the main underlying sentiments of my music is to respect all living creatures just as they are. I believe that together, we can change laws that allow innocent animals to be unjustly mistreated and abused all over the world.”

For her first collaboration with HSI, Ke$ha is calling on her fans to join her in asking the EU to honor its commitment to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals by 2013.

About Humane Society International:

Yes they are associated with the “other” Humane Society but at least this one has chosen someone to be a spokesperson for them that as far as I know has never intentionally harmed an animal. It seems that Ke$ha actually does care about animals both wild and domestic and wants to see them around for many years to come.

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