A True Pay It Forward Story Good Samaritans Help Dog In Need

Lisa Ison gave her dog Bella part of a cooked ham bone as a treat. Thinking it would be a special treat. In the middle of the night Bella started throwing up slivers of the bones. Trying to help Bella Ison moved Bella and that is when she saw that Bella was bleeding from her backside. Bella was rushed to the emergency vet. She arrived in very poor condition already very dehydrated, still vomiting, and refused to eat or drink. The doctor evaluated Bella and figured out a course of treatment. the estimate came to $1,800. Ison did not have that kind of money available to her.

A middle-aged couple in the lobby had witnessed everything. From Ison rushing Bella into the office to getting the news that to help her was going to cost much more then she could pull together living paycheck to paycheck. Ison went to the ladies room to try and calm herself down so she could think about what she could do. When she came back the couple hugged her and they said, ‘We’re gonna help you don’t worry about it’ said goodbye and walked out the door.

When she went to the front desk to try and see what she could do to work it all out $900 of the bill was paid. The portion that Ison was told would need to be taken care of before treatment could begin. It took a few days under constant care at the vet hospital, but Bella pulled through. Ison, Bella the dog and their good Samaritans have been able to stay in contact and Ison looks forward to the day when she can Pay it Forward.

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  1. we sure like good stories
    Benny & Lily

  2. what a great story! If anything happened to my dog right now I would be devastated because I am living paycheck to paycheck right now. I wouldn’t know what to do.
    My friend got a new puppy a couple years ago and the dog swallowed a tac and had to be rushed into surgery, and the vets were so rude and hurtful, demanding $2,ooo up front, I remember my friend was so upset trying to call her friends to see if she could borrow money. She finally was able to borrow enough, but they almost lost their dog that day. It’s nice to know that there are still kind people out there, like in this story.

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