Wylie the Afghanistan Stray Who Melted Soldiers Hearts

Wylie being worked on after returning to the base with injuries. Photo courtesy of the Australian


Wylie, the Afghan stray, was rescued in February by a group of British soldiers on patrol in a Kandahar , where a dog-fighting crowd was seen beating the small dog with wood. When the soldiers arrived at Kandahar base with the beaten dog they went to find Australian Soldier Narelle Jensz who had a history of helping animals in need of care.

Jensz had gone to war to train Afghan police but it was as the unofficial dog rescuer, vet and dog-adoption agent in southern Afghanistan she become the one everyone would turn to when a stray dog needed medical attention. In her 10-month tour she treated countless dogs and successfully adopted 15 Afghan strays out to returned coalition soldiers across the world. Including Wylie’s friend Saber who arrived in the US recently and has been seen rolling around in the grass in his new backyard.

Because its against the rules to allow stray dogs to live inside the base, the best his carers could do was allow him to live near the soldiers who worked at the front gate. Since there was nothing stopping his access to the street he was routinely targeted by locals and sustained numerous and horrific injuries. In the 4 months that Wylie lived at the gate (Feb-May 2011), he had his ears cut off loosing sections of skin on his head, had my muzzle sliced open, had half his tail cut off, was stabbed in the chest, he had his penis severed and then thrown in front of a car before having his back legs cut.

Knowing he could not survive if left in Afghanistan with the help of a British and a US soldiers’ animal companion fund, Wylie was evacuated to London via Kabul six weeks ago to begin the long road of quarantine hurdles that Jensz hopes will eventually bring him to Australia and her wildlife rescue property just outside Canberra. Wylie is visited in British quarantine almost daily by strangers who have heard his story from returned soldiers and want to do whatever they can to help make his transition from abused street dog to loving pet as smooth as possible.

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  1. Oh Wylie has that sweet precious look on his face. Hurray for such caring people willing to do whatever it takes to help. I’ll share this on my blog Wednesday.

  2. Lenise Morais says

    I have tears on my eyes after reading this story. I cannot believe how people can be so cruel towards animals , for me those people are disgusting and sick!! They should be behind the bars like criminals. Wylie’s story it’s heart breaking story , and thanks for people like you Jensz ,I still have hope that one day all this cruelty will stop. Congratulations for the amazing work that you and the other soldiers do to help these poor animals to have a better life!! I believe in God and angels and for me you are an angel… I really want to help him to come to Australia, how can I help? I am sure he will find a nice home here and a family that will love him and treat him the way he should be treated. I live in Sydney and I would love to visit him in Canberra , but if he does not find a home there, it will be my pleasure to adopt him. Thank you very much for the great job you do! Best wishes, Lenise Morais

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