Living with Two Cavaliers #Petsaddlife

Skinny little Davinia before Indiana came along


First came Davinia she was a quiet little girl who would sit alone all day while I was at work. I would come home and we would run outside for a walk and then would spend the entire evening together but she always seemed lonely. So eventually Indiana came along and Davinia was not at all impressed with a little puppy terrorizing her quiet apartment. Indiana was a handful when she arrived at 9 weeks old literally the first thing she did was eat Davinia’s food. Davinia used to free feed because we couldn’t get her to eat her food. She literally would go days without finishing a meal or having more then a few bites but that is why she came to live with us in the first place. Davinia was the runt of the litter and would be pushed out of the way at meal times so the hope was that being in a quiet home would help her eat and grow up stronger. So here comes a little fluff ball literally a minute after walking in the house and eats Davinia’s food. It became quite obvious that free feeding in our house was a thing of the past because the little fluff ball would eat hers and Davinia’s and then look for more. It took about a week of Davinia realizing her food would disappear either in Indiana’s mouth or because I picked it up and put it away for her to eat a full meal at one time. So I guess that was a success as she hasn’t missed a meal since. Indiana will still eat anything not bolted down and would probably try to remove the bolt if she was determined enough to get at the treat.

Davinia meeting Indiana

Indiana and Davinia rarely roll around on the floor playing. They might cuddle up together and take a nap but Davinia is really not into playing and never has been. Indiana used to try harder to get Davinia to play with her but she gave that up a long time ago. Except when I tell them it is time to go out for a walk. No fail I pick up their leashes and they start to jump all over and run around the house after each other. It is the weirdest thing ever. You would think if they were excited that they would stay by the door so we can go out not run slipping and sliding across the tiles in the opposite direction. They each have such different personalities but this is the one thing they can agree on. Going for a walk requires running around the house first. They both love to hunt lizards, will point at birds, and squirrels, like big masculine looking boxers that drool all over them, and cookies!!! They both love children and adults.

Davinia and Indiana naping together

They will share a crate by choice when I have to go out, cuddling up and laying their heads on each others bodies. Or in Indiana’s case sometimes she will just lay right on top of Davinia if she wants to be in the spot that Davinia is occupying. They will also fight over who gets to lay on top of my head for the night and will find that they switch multiple times throughout the night because I get stepped on by Indiana. She is my little bull in a china shop its a good thing she isn’t the size of a Labrador and if she were a Mastiff she would have pushed the house down a long time ago. In comparison Davinia seems small and dainty when it is Davinia who is taller.

The one mistake I made was the fact that since Indiana came as a puppy Davinia has always been by her side. It was Indiana that went to dog shows while Davinia stayed home perfectly happy. Indiana never had to be by herself. Since she is easier to deal with in public then Davinia she would get to come along to the vet if Davinia needed to go. So now she throws a complete fit screaming and crying real tears if I take Davinia without her. She was completely lost while Davinia was at the emergency vet recovering from getting attacked. Indiana was literally plastered to my leg or anyone else that come over during that time and would not let you out of her site. I guess that means I will eventually have to get them another friend and I don’t think the feral kitten counts because Davinia is not a fan and the kitten will only nuzzle Indiana not cuddle with her.


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