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Meet our new friend at Find Me a Happy Pet

You can follow them on twitter @betit19

I started the pet blog mainly to spread the word about adoption, make it easier to adopt, help people search for the right pet and talk about some related issues. Our resident dog Chewie and foster dogs feature on the blog for some fun things or training posts.
I found Chewie on after a couple of months of everyday search. Because of my limitations, I wanted and adult, calm and mostly house trained dog, who was also fun to be with. And one day, I found this smarty pants, active, housetrained but forgot all about it, and attention demanding fluffy hairy cuteness. Chewie is not the typical lap dog and doesnt like over cuddling. He however loves people and will stick to them for the petting and massaging till your fingers fall out.

Chewie Reading

When we went to meet him. He was a bit anxious, but he wanted a lot of petting. He met us with a wagging tail, some licks and a smile!. Vivek, my husband took him for a a short walk and a run to see how he does on the leash, and he walked really well on the leash. He was matted and a bit dirty, but we both saw his personality shine through and within the house he was in the car traveling home with us.

We have had 5 foster dogs in the last 2 years and have learnt a lot through the whole process. Some of the dogs went to first time owners and they all had similar questions and apprehensions and that was one of the reasons I started this blog. Chewie (Sir Chewbacca the Fluff, Chewter) is a tri color pomeranian, adopted from a rescue. He loves all food, veggies, kibble, anything. Loves loves cheese! Favorite  activity is sleeping and playing fetch.


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  1. Thank you so Felissa for featuring us!
    Chewie is looking forward to making more and more friends!

    -Chewie and Richa @ Find me a Happy Pet ,
    Chewie on Facebook

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