Hope the Dog Dragged Behind Car

Hope on the Mend

Hope was chained to the bumper of a van, then dragged by the driver across the pavement for so long the pads of her paws were torn off, her belly was scrapped open and she has gashes on her chin and face. News reports aren’t saying whether the driver has been caught but at least Hope is getting the treatment that she needs. A good Samaritan who saw her being dragged rescued her and dropped her off at the vet.

It seems this horrible event occurred a week ago and she is still in bad condition it is painful for her to walk on her feet which are now bandaged with padding to try and take away as much pain as possible. her wounds are starting to heal and her beautiful happy spirit is shining through. When she is as fully recovered as possible (her paws will never be the way they were) but the vet will adopt her out a a special home who understand she will not be able to run and play as fast or as much as other dogs. But until then Hope needs your healing thoughts to help her paws heal as much as possible and no infection sets in. The most important thing for the vet is to help Hope get better.

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