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Cress the 16 year old Shi Tzu

This is not a post about a dog looking for a new home or about a specific rescue organization though the story I am going to share does come from a Rescue Organization. It is about a sixteen years old that had somehow found herself in a cage at Hong Kong’s Animal Control (AFCD). Not exactly a loving stress free environment. I don’t know how she wound up there I just know she was there and taken into rescue.

Hong Kong Dog Rescue who takes dogs out of the AFCD at least once a week saw this precious jewel and took her home with them. When they took her they could not know how much time she would have left or if she would even be a candidate for adoption but they took her in and cared for her and got her swollen toe looked at. The little dog named Cress while not in any condition to chase children at the park or go on long walks sniffing the flowers and meeting other dogs was put up for adoption in the hopes that someone would come along and make her feel like a queen during whatever time she had left. The rescue felt that the biggest gift they could give Cress would be to find her a mommy or daddy that would love and care for her in a quiet calm environment and not have to put up with all the other younger rowdy dogs currently in the rescue.

She was adopted over the weekend and although no one knows for sure how much longer she will be with them the time Cress does have left will not be in the hands of strangers. It will be in the arms of someone who fell in love with her and wants to spend whatever precious time they can treating her like the most special dog ever. Whether she lives for months, or even just weeks, Hong Kong Dog Rescue is sure that she will have a home for the rest of her days.

How do you even begin to thank an adopter that opens their hearts to a 16 year old animal?

If you would like to read more stories about the dogs that find their way into and out of Hong Kong Dog Rescue take a few minutes to visit their blog

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