Man Kicked Cavalier to Death

Run free at the rainbow bridge sweet baby. (Photo courtesy of Sunderland Echo)

A Durham woman was left “devastated” after her boyfriend kicked her five-year-old spaniel to death, it was reported. Helen Woodland said she “hated” Vincent Grant after he killed her Cavalier King Charles spaniel Tilly on February 20.

The incident occurred after Miss Woodland left Grant alone in the house with Tilly to give her friend a lift in her car, the Sunderland Echo reported. When she returned she heard the King Charles yelping and found the dog cowering and limping. Tilly died the same evening and a post-mortem examination revealed she had sustained five broken ribs and a punctured lung, which meant she was unable to breathe.

Grant, of Frank Street, Durham, later admitted kicking Tilly three times on February 20, while wearing heavy boots. In her victim impact statement, Miss Woodland, 35, said: “Tilly and me were inseparable. I loved her as if she were my child. “The thought of her never coming and pressing her wet nose against me is gutting.”

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  1. That's horrible 🙁 Run free 🙁


    Minnie Moo

  2. NO!!! These stories haunt me….I hate to think of people being so cruel. Yet, daily, we are hearing of the senseless acts of cruelty. The Rainbow Bridge has another sweet angel Miss Tilly, who I pray is chasing colorful butterflies and joining all the others who have left us too soon!

  3. I hope he gets sent to prison. There should be much tougher sentencing for animal abusers. This is a horrible, heart-breaking story.

  4. The man that did that needs to get what he gave…………..three good kicks from a big guy wearing heavy boots.

    Take care, Tilly

  5. Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville says

    Oh, poor baby. What an awful, awful man.

  6. Eye for an eye! That's all I have to say.

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