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We know that Blog Hops can get overwhelming and you don’t really get to know everyone. We came up with Make a New Friend Tuesdays. This way we can really get to know a bit about our new friends and everyone can drop by to say hello since its one blog once a week. Don’t worry we will still be having Blog Hops this is just a bonus! This is a much more intimate way to get to know your fellow Bloggers and introduce yourself to them. I love getting to actually spend a few minutes looking through their posts to see what their blog is all about and of course getting to see pictures!

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Meet our friends over at puploveca make sure you drop by to say hello!
You can also find them on Twitter puploveca
Age: 29
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Favourite Animal: Dogs! But that’s probably apparent just by my blog title…
Favourite Food: I am a gigantic cupcake addict. Belgian waffles are a very close second, though.
Favourite Colour: Bright blue. Jack
Type: Dog
Breed: Karelian Bear Dog / Mastiff x
Favourite Food: It’s a tie between liver treats and cheese.
Favourite Activity: Chasing his black Kong Extreme ball…. over and over again.
Nicknames: Jackson, Smooshy


Bruiser the Cat
Breed: Domestic long-haired (black)
Favourite Food: pieces of Swiss Chalet chicken. he purrs while he eats them.
Favourite Activity: snuggling, kissing humans, kneading
Nicknames: none really?

Spartacus the Bird
Breed: Pacific Parrotlet
Favourite Food: bird seed. he’s supposed to like fruit, spray millet, etc… he does not.
Favourite Activity: doing nothing. Parrotlets are known for being social birds who sing, talk, play with toys, like human attention, want out of the cage… Spartacus likes none of that. He doesn’t bother with toys, hates people with a passion and attacks if you try to approach him, and never ever leaves his cage… even though the cage door is left open for him 24/7 in case he ever changes his mind.


Looks like Jack is waiting for everyone to stop by and give him a belly rub!

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  1. What a nice thing for you to do! Sometimes I feel like there are so many great blogs out there and I’ll never find them all, but at least I can find one a week. I actually visited them and left a long comment, but blogger won’t let me sign in and it ate the comment besides. Grrrrrrr.

  2. Kolchak & Jodi says

    We love AJ & Jack at Puplove! Content is always fun and well written and her blog page is so fun 🙂

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