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 About Pet Cremains in Glass:
We are glass artists who create a work of art that contains a portion of the actual cremains of your beloved pet and keepsakes that encase hair clippings, tags and collars. In today’s highly mobile society people can be separated from an honored pet’s resting place. We create portable Pet Memorial tributes and Pet Cremation Jewelry that can always be part of your life.

Loving Memory

Handling ashes is a huge responsibility. All of the cremains are handled separately; hand sifted and used individually in each piece of glass creating a permanent work of art. These are the perfect gift, display or remembrance of a loved one that gives you so much joy.

All our tributes are handmade, in the USA and individually signed by the artist. All of our work is custom and is made to your order; therefore please allow us sufficient working time to create your glass memorial, especially during the holiday season. On average allow 8-10 weeks for deliver

This review was written by a friend who recently had to put her dog Kiwi Von D to sleep. 

The Review:

My heart dog, Kiwi Von D, a beautiful hairless Chinese crested, recently passed away. The pain felt when my heart was breaking was all encompassing. It hurt emotionally. It hurt physically. It still does. She had a rough start to life and her life was way too short. To say I loved Kiwi is an understatement. She was part of me. She will always be part of me.

When your pet passes away it’s nice to have something that will always remind you of them. For some people it’s their collar. For some a lock of hair. There are many ways to keep a little of piece of them forever. Even better is a way to display that item in a way that is meaningful.

This is where Pet Cremains in Glass comes in. They create beautiful glass pieces in a variety of forms that all serve to honor and remember your beloved pet.  I recently received a heart-shaped “Encased Memory” piece. Here is a description from the website explaining this item:

“Our Encased Memories were created as a way to preserve the perishable items that would be destroyed by the high temperatures of molten glass, in which we create our Cremation Memorials. Items like dried flowers and jewelry can now be showcased in a beautiful glass sculpture. We blow the sculptures with a specific opening size at the bottom. After we receive your precious keepsake, we place it inside a hollow chamber in the sculpture and seal it closed with a special U.V. light-activated glass epoxy; preserving your unique memorial forever.

To say this piece is beautiful doesn’t even do it justice. Because it’s not just physically beautiful, it has such a deep special meaning to me. It is a clear glass with a gorgeous deep purple color swirled through it. It is heart-shaped and is hollow. Kiwi’s little flower I.D. tag is encased inside. It is now part of this amazing piece of art work. There is just enough color to add to the design but enough clear space to be able to see the tag inside.

The quality is phenomenal. It is solid, yet looks delicate. (It will definitely be handled delicately!) The design and quality are just exquisite. When I took it out of the box, it literally took my breath away. Especially on a day when I was really missing my Kiwi.

I can’t say enough about the beauty of the Encased Memory heart by Pet Cremains in Glass. It is now the most special “object” in my house. I will treasure it forever and always display it with pride and love. I will always be grateful to Pet Cremains in Glass and their parent company Glass Remembrance for helping to preserve the memory of my heart dog, Kiwi Von D.

Thank you to Sheri Gaber of  Product Photo Editing for agreeing to write this review for us so soon after loosing Kiwi who we have known since she was rescued and flew to her forever home to live with Sheri and her family. Kiwi was a special little girl that everyone fell instantly in love with. Run Free and Healthy at the Rainbow Bridge little one.

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  1. that is beautiful Sheri!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love that. This description made me cry:) What a beautiful idea.

  3. Laura Sterner says

    Gorgeous keepsake and I'm so glad you have something beautiful to remember your beloved Kiwi by. Makes me think I should plan to do something like this when it is Louie's time.

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