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About Petphoria
As one who enjoys walking the dog, I came to realize the need to come up with a better way of dealing with the mess that often happens when taking the dog out for a stroll. Plastic bags do a good job of holding the waste, but who wants to walk around holding a bag of dog poop; especially if stopped to talk with a neighbor? After many proto-types and talking with many other dog walkers, I developed The Petphoria Bag. These bags are all about quality. Not just quality time walking the dog, but quality made. Plastic liners to keep the oders away. A pocket to hold the roll of bags, hook for your keys (newer models) and pockets for your phone or dog treats!!! We have included 2 loops for either wrist carrying or using the enclosed Carabiner clip to hang the bag from your leash, belt, stroller; whatever way you want to carry it.

Crypton Rotator

About Petphoria Bags

Four pockets with Velcro closures
Wrist loop for hand carrying
Machine washable, line dry
Plastic liner to keep odors in
1 Roll of 20 biodegradable pickup bags
Approximately 8″ x 4″ x 6″ Carabiner clip included to attach to your leash, hook on your belt, or hang from your stroller

Our Review:
When we first moved to where we lived I was so used to taking potty bags with me to pick up after that dogs that no matter where I went if I stuck my hand in my pocket I would come out with plastic baggies. Well it can get HOT in Miami and in the other communities that I lived in there were places to throw your poop bags every so often so I didn’t ever have to worry about carrying a gross smelling bag with me. Here in Miami we don’t have any dog poo bag stations and garbage collection only occurs twice a week and I felt bad throwing the smelly bag in someone elses trash bin if the garbage had already been collected. I would toss poo bags into the giant construction bins but that only worked at one or two locations. I wish I had known about Petphoria then.

Even though you are supposed to clean up after your dog I would never see anyone else picking up and I was tired of being the only person carrying a smelly bag of dog poo around and bumping into people that wanted to chat. Eventually I stopped picking up after them on our walks. I think I made the final decision after finding dog poo in my front yard that I knew didn’t belong to Davinia or Indiana that not only isn’t the community cleaning up after their dogs but they were letting their dogs run loose.

One of our first bags! currently on sale for $19.95

These bags would be perfect if we ever have the chance to move back to Hong Kong where not only do you have to clean up your dogs poo but if they pee on the street or sidewalk you are supposed to pour water over it to wash it away. So you would be able to carry a small water bottle inside the bag or at least free up your hands from carrying the poo bags to the nearest trash bin by putting the used bag inside of your Petphoria bag so you have a free hand for your cleanup water bottle. Plus they are stylish so people wouldn’t mind carrying them around when walking their dogs. Its not like a passerby would know what was in the bag unless they owned one themselves so it takes away the embarrassment factor when bumping into people you know when walking your dog.

The Petphoria bags would make a great addition to your summer must have items even when the dog isn’t coming along. You can store your keys, money, and credit cards in the bag attach it to your swimsuit and not have to worry if it got wet. It would be great for a family with young children to put wet bathing suits in after the beach or if you are out at the park that has a lake or water fun activities. It would be great for backpackers and hikers who have to take their used toilet paper away with them when camping though for any of these outdoor uses I would probably recommend the Crypton’s mildew, moisture, bacteria and odor resistant fabric.

Purchase It:
You can purchase your own Petphoria Bag in Cotton Fabric for $29.95 each
or the Petphoria Bag in Crypton Fabric for $49.95 each

We were sent a Petphoria bag for review directly from the company. We did not receive any other form of compensation for this review. Our opinions are our own and were not swayed in any way.

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  1. A long while back, I got a Poop Happens bag, and it works great, but it's not nearly as pretty as those bags. If it were a tad cheaper, I'd think about buying one!

  2. What a great bag, looks really useful. Thanks
    Benny & Lily

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