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We came up with Make a New Friend Tuesdays. This way we can really get to know a bit about our new friends and everyone can drop by to say hello since its one blog once a week. Don’t worry we will still be having Blog Hops this is just a bonus! This is a much more intimate way to get to know your fellow Bloggers and introduce yourself to them. I love getting to actually spend a few minutes looking through their posts to see what their blog is all about and of course getting to see pictures!

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Addy the Chinese Crested Princess reading a book

Addy the Chinese Crested Princess

I am a Powderpuff Chinese Crested, and I am four and a half years old. I like any bright color that sets off nicely against my light hair. My favorite animals are CATS, because they’re so much fun! And they’re my size, while a lot of dogs are just so BIG. I like beef and chicken and beans and carrots and lamb and turkey and cheese and…I guess that’s enough for now.


I have one cat. Her name is Aquavit, and she is almost thirteen years old! She’s a Maine Coon, and she likes to climb even more than I do, and she enjoys playing with her catnip mouse, or cuddling with our Mommy, or sometimes even with me. I really like it when she plays chase with me.

I used to have another cat. Her name was Retsina, and she was white with funny black markings. She liked to tease Mommy by climbing on her things, and she liked to cuddle with Mommy or Aquavit. She wasn’t so sure about me. She went to the Bridge last February. She was sixteen!

Addy’s Blog is very new and she would love to have you stop by and become her friend with Google Friend Connect. Addy’s mom is one of our official Book Reviewers!!!


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  1. I like your love of colours! Assortment and individuality are important… as our books! Off to see your blog.

  2. *as is english. OPPs I did mean “are” not “our” lol

  3. Those ears! What a cutie.

  4. What a wonderful surprise! Addy's right here with me, and absolutely thrilled!

    Also annoyed that I'm hogging the computer at the moment. 🙂

  5. I'm very proud of my ears; I think they're my best feature!

    I hope you all stop by my blog and say hi!

  6. addy needs to look up my stepdaughter on Facebook…(Marla Gittleman) she has been breeding Chinese Cresteds for years!

  7. I will, thanks!

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