Syringomyelia Awareness: How Can You Help?

This is just an initial list of ways in which you can help. We will be telling you about more ways to donate as the week goes on.

Donate by buying the book For the love of Ollie

Donate funds to cavalier SM DNA research; payee “Syringomyelia DNA Research”, address: Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital, Goddard Veterinary Group, 41 High Street Wimbledon Common London SW19 5AU, email [email protected], telephone: 020 8946 4228, fax: 020 8944 0871. Read about it here.

Participate in the Syringomyelia Cavalier Collection Scheme. Read about it here

Donate to Rupert’s Fund, which pays for MRIs of older dogs, to aid the Syringomyelia Genome Research Project. Send MRI scans of cavaliers 5 years old or older and which do not have SM, along with MRIs of those dogs’ family members, to Dr. Clare Rusbridge at [email protected] Read about it here.

Contact Sheena Stevens in Devon, UK, telephone 01884 821080, email [email protected], about sending stillborn cavalier puppies and deceased young puppies (that have died for any reason) to Dr. Imelda McGonnell at The Royal Veterinary College for research. Read about it here.

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  1. All Things Dog Blog's veterinary writer has posted on this topic in answer to readers questions. We also posted this awareness piece over the weekend. Good luck with your cause.

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