Syringomyelia Awareness: Day Dog Designs Giveaway

This one would be perfect for Davinia

About Day Dog Designs

I adore European designs and designers! My collars are made with ribbons mainly from Germany and other parts of Europe. I do have some Japanese ribbons or trims. The pouches are made with German, Japanese and American fabrics. I also use European machine embroidery designs to embellish the little pouches…..and anything else I can figure out how to use them on!

Indiana would be adorable in this one

One of my passions is dog rescue. I now donate 10% of all my proceeds to Arizona Cavalier Rescue. The rescue finds home for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Please consider adopting your next pup and give a wonderful dog a forever loving family to be a part of.

All items will be lovingly handmade when you place your order. We know you want your pup’s collar quickly but please allow up to 3 days before shipping. In many cases we can ship quickly. International orders please read our policies for shipping.

The collars feature a Quick Release High Quality Buckle on Heavy Weight Webbing and a Welded D Ring. I use Bar Tack Stitching for extra strength and reinforcement on your collar.

*Although we use the highest quality supplies to make your collar please determine the suitability of these collars for your pup and his individual situation.

Day Dog Designs 
was amazing and came to me to ask if she could help spread the word about the Syringomyelia Awareness Event since it is something that they have to deal with on a daily basis at their house. Her sweet baby Friday has been afflicted with this horrible disease. She shared Friday’s Story with us to show every dog affected by this disease is different and different treatment protocols will work for them. She also asked if she could sponsor a giveaway from her Etsy Store Day Dog Designs. Of course I jumped at the chance when I took a look around her store. Her collars are gorgeous. We have a chance to review a lot of different collars and leashes and these really are beautiful if the girls didn’t just get new collars I am not sure I would be able to keep myself from ordering for them.

If her collars aren’t amazing enough even her Pet Mess Clean Up Pouches are amazing they are big enough to allow for credit cards, a license, cell phone and poo bags to be carried along on your walks. Personally I think these bags could be used as a change purse or cell phone holder and no one would ever know they were made for poo bags. I love the bone shaped Carabiner it gives the bags a special touch that goes just another step above and beyond the others that are out there.

The Giveaway:
One very lucky International winner will get to pick one very special item of their choice from Day Dog Design.

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Day Dog Designs and tell us what item you would choose (you can always change your mind if you are the winner).

Optional Entries (for each entry you complete please leave a separate comment):

  • Read any of the Syringomyelia Awareness posts and leave a comment about something you learned.
  • Tweet any of the Syringomyelia Awareness Posts (you can tweet them limit three per day so you are not spamming your followers).
  • Heart Day Dog Designs Etsy Store.

We were not given any compensation for this post. The item is being sponsored as a Giveaway in order to draw more attention to our Syringomyelia Awareness Event. This giveaway will end February 9th, 2011 at 11:30pm Eastern Time.

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  1. VERY hard to decide! but I would pick this

    sara at theniffs dot com

  2. i read that one of the symptoms is lots of scratching

    sara at theniffs dot com

  3. i added day dog to my favs on etsy!

    sara at theniffs dot com

  4. I think I'd choose the Show Me Your Tattoo dog collar.

    [email protected]

  5. After reading all the posts I've learned that the disease affects in many many ways.

    [email protected]

  6. daily tweet 01-26-11!/sniffenegger/status/30409627896119296

    sara at theniffs dot com

  7. I 'hearted' Dog Day Designs on Etsy.

    [email protected]

  8. i really like floppy eared dog on pink collar on [email protected]

  9. i hearted dog day designs on Etsy [email protected]

  10. something i learned from reading syringomyelia posts was that other dogs can be affected as well as cavaliers such as dogs that are miniaturized from breed standard,dogs that are Brachycephalic and even some cross breed and cats all very worrying but important to know as i have cavaliers and two crosses including pom cross. from [email protected]

  11. I LOVE the lavendar hedgehog dog collar! My pup has everything purple, and the funny thing is, her favorite toy is a hedgehog toy! I'm in love with it!!
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  12. Added store to my etsy favorites – xbeautifulcoma
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  13. I learned that yorkshire terriors can be affected by syringomyelia. Cats also can be affected.
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  14. Tweeted breeds syringomyelia post –
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  15. [email protected]
    I like the Love Grows Dog Collar! THanks!

  16. HoundDogMom says

    We visited and we really like the Butterfly Collar.

  17. HoundDogMom says

    I have been reading all the posts for Syringomyelia Awareness. I had no idea this breed had this disease. It breaks my heart to read some of the stories about what they go through. My heart goes out to all the owners for all they do to help their beloved fur-kids. The HoundDogs

  18. cstironkat says

    I like the Floppy Ear Dog pink dog collar

  19. cstironkat says
  20. cstironkat says
  21. cstironkat says
  22. My girl looks best in purple and these hedgehogs are just adorable:
    I hearted the shop, too!

  23. I tweeted several stories but I didn't know fridays owner terri had such great stuff! We love the collars but ella can't wear one so I would love a pet mess clean up purse

  24. Groovy Baby Blog says

    I love the percy pig dog collar!
    [email protected]

  25. daily tweet 01-27-11!/sniffenegger/status/30713368935407616

    sara at theniffs dot com

  26. I'd choose the cupcakes dog collar. Adorable.
    [email protected]

  27. i like the Bird on a Branch dog collar
    [email protected]

  28. I like the Ruffles The Butterfly Dog Collar.

    Elaine R
    [email protected]

  29. I think I'd choose the Modern Mushrooms dog collar if I won.

    jdawson02 at gmail dot com

  30. Thank you for the giveaway and for the information. If I win I will probably choose the “Embroidered Matryoshka Doll Pouch”.


  31. After reading several of the posts I learned that careful breeding is the only way to eradicate Syringomyelia at this time. I'll have to admit I didn't read the “stories” because I'm afraid it would just be too heartbreaking. What a vicious genetic anomaly! My heart goes out to all pet owners of animals with Syringomyelia.

  32. Added Day Dog Designs to my fav list.


  33. I would choose the Japanese Gardens, Pet Mess Cleanup Pouches, Zippered Pouch, Carry All in Japanese Fabric. Thanks for the review and giveaway! I love all the prints of the pouches and collars!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  34. I added Day Dog Designs Etsy Store to my favorites
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  35. Ashley Elaine says

    My lily would love the cupcake collar.

    uncashbug6 at aol dot com

  36. Ashley Elaine says

    heart on etsy #AshleyElaine22

    uncashbug6 at aol dot com

  37. daily tweet 01-28-11!/sniffenegger/status/31060764961800192

    sara at theniffs dot com

  38. My favorite thing on Day Dog Designs is the cupcake collar!

  39. I love the cupcakes dog collar!!

  40. I was reading some of the syringomyelia awareness posts and learned that King Charles Cavaliers as well as other dogs can have this and that having a shortened skull is a risk factor as well as breeds with miniaturization can also be predisposed to this condition.


  41. daily tweet 01-29-11!/sniffenegger/status/31390643427221504

    sara at theniffs dot com

  42. I would choose the strawberries on blue – dog collar. [email protected]

  43. The Buttefly collar is really cool.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  44. daily tweet 01-30-11!/sniffenegger/status/31918917584687104

    sara at theniffs dot com

  45. I would LOVE to win the My Little Sailor collar in large for my sister and her boyfriend's new dog. I have three dogs of my own but my newest one eats his and the other's collars off so I would hate to get this awesome stuff only for him to mess it up. Lol. Silly little Huck. Anyway, my sister and her boyfriend have a new dog that is already pretty big, as per the large size, and they are both in the Navy so this would be perfect for them. I love it.


  46. I added Day Dog Designs to my faves on Etsy.



  47. Tweeted the book review POST For the Love of Ollie.!/lewalk76/status/31886351561400320


  48. Tweeted Syringomyelia Awareness: What is Syringomyelia.!/lewalk76/status/31891241058705408


  49. I learned what this disease actually is, to the extent my brain will understand it. Big words and all. Lol. But I also learned that 'Not all dogs with SM have clinical signs. The presence of signs is correlated to the width of the syrinx and extent of spinal cord dorsal horn damage.' That is quite a scary thing.


  50. Tweeted The Human Side of SM/CM Part 2.!/lewalk76/status/31892627985014785


  51. daily tweet 01-31-11!/sniffenegger/status/32186695042465792

    sara at theniffs dot com

  52. I like the Happy Penguins blue dog collar

  53. daily tweet 02-01-11!/sniffenegger/status/32582437615706113

    sara at theniffs dot com

  54. daily tweet 02-02-11!/sniffenegger/status/32874477117247488

    sara at theniffs dot com

  55. i like the Love Birds dog collar
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  56. Floppy Ear Dog in teal dog collar

    fr.lutece at gmail dot com

  57. I'd pick the True Love dog collar.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  58. daily tweet 02-03-11!/sniffenegger/status/33245500799057920

    sara at theniffs dot com

  59. Christina – [email protected] – I love the Hope Has Wings Pet Leash Purse!

  60. daily tweet 02-04-11!/sniffenegger/status/33611692394942464

    sara at theniffs dot com

  61. I love the show me your tattoo dog collar!! I have a 6 year old male English lab!! He is the best!!! LOVE your blog!!

  62. I love the Pink owls dog collar!
    savingmomssanity at gmail dot com

  63. Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville says

    I love the Red Polka Dot Collar (

    Cute collars, it's hard to choose!

  64. daily tweet 02-05-11!/sniffenegger/status/33928931539165184

    sara at theniffs dot com

  65. I liked the show me your tattoo collar. I have a boy after all. 🙂
    Kathy and Rory too

    katkiley @ aol. com

  66. I love the Pink Owls Dog Collar!
    [email protected]

  67. Stacey Steimle says

    Awesome products, I love all of your dog collars very hard to choose one. I would have to say the tattoo one since I have a boy.

  68. daily tweet 02-06-11!/sniffenegger/status/34270308668149760

    sara at theniffs dot com

  69. AmberFaith says

    I love the Lovely Flowers dog collar!

    [email protected]

  70. I like Hope Has Wings Embroidered Ultra Suede Pet Leash Purse

    juletchka78 at hotmail dot com

  71. Hearted as YuliyaSh

  72. twitted!/yulya_shenka/status/34588651794989056

    juletchka78 at hotmail dot com

  73. daily tweet 02-07-11!/sniffenegger/status/34698973147037696

    sara at theniffs dot com

  74. I like Japanese Gardens, Pet Mess Cleanup Pouches.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  75. I Heart Dog Day Designs Etsy Store – janetfaye

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  76. I would choose the Lovely Flowers dog collar

  77. Heart Day Dog Designs Etsy Store.

  78. I learned that Syringomyelia is characterised by fluid filled cavities within the spinal cord.

  79. I like the Love Grows Dog Collar!

  80. daily tweet 02-08-11!/sniffenegger/status/35036592124989440

    sara at theniffs dot com

  81. ShellieAndBrutus says

    I love the Show Me Your Tattoo dog collar.
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  82. ShellieAndBrutus says

    I learned that small breeds like chihuhua, CKC's, yorkies and poms are breeds that can be effected by Syringomyelia.
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  83. ShellieAndBrutus says

    Added Day Dod Designs to my Etsy favorites.

  84. ShellieAndBrutus says
  85. I like the Matryoshka Girl dog collar.
    tishstryker at gmail dot com

  86. Love the cupcake collar, very cool
    Benny & Lily

  87. I adore the Retro Chickens dog collar. You have lots of really cute patterns! mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

  88. I would love the Pink owls dog collar
    [email protected]

  89. I Heart Day Dog Designs Etsy Store
    [email protected]

  90. I would choose the My Little Sailor dog collar

  91. Santa, Minnie and Christmas says

    They are all so very beautiful and it wasn't easy just picking one but if we have to, we choose the Love Grows dog collar

  92. Yellow submarine dog collar!

  93. I like so many of the designs but I think my favorite is the Stars and Alligators dog collar. I love the girly ones but I have a boy pup.

    [email protected]

  94. “Hearted” Day Dog Designs Etsy Shop!

    [email protected]

  95. daily tweet 02-09-11!/sniffenegger/status/35392868755443712

    sara at theniffs dot com

  96. LOVE the lavendar hedgehog dog collar
    Diane Baum
    [email protected]

  97. Dog Pack Snacks says

    Coco would look just fab in Pretty In Pink Paisley!!! She is such a diva and won't wear anything unless it contains the color pink!! LOL.

  98. I love the My Sweetheart dog collar (and totally adore the Tan Cable-knit sweater also!)

  99. I Heart Day Dog Designs Etsy Store.

  100. Oh my great big girl would love this .Lavender Hedgehog dog collar around her neck and so would my daughters (love it on her I mean LOL)
    [email protected]

  101. I would get the Hope Has Wings pouch

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  102. I would choose the Red merry monsters dog collar!

  103. susansmoaks says

    i would choose the Miss B Bunny dog collar


    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  104. I love the Tan Cable-knit sweater – Small

  105. I hearted Day Dog Designs on Etsy (samblypooh)

  106. I learned that syringomyelia is a condition where cavities, or holes, called a syrinx, develop within the spinal cord – sounds horribly painful.

  107. [email protected]
    I like the Happy Penguins blue dog collar-and my kids love penguins.

  108. I like the Floppy Ear Dog pink dog collar

  109. I've learned that the disease affects in many many ways.

  110. The Percy Pig collar for my beagle would be perfect! It fits her personality perfectly. 🙂

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  111. I <3 'ed Dog Day Designs on Etsy. (jayme76)

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  112. I would choose the Cable Knit Dog Sweater in Dusty Pink (Small to Medium). [email protected]

  113. My Heidi would love the Show Me Your Tattoo dog collar.

  114. I like the Rock and Roll dog collar
    [email protected]

  115. I heart their store.(donnak4)
    [email protected]

  116. My daughter says she likes the Floppy Ear Dog pink dog collar – I'll go with that [email protected]

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