Make a New Friend Tuesdays: Riley and James

Every Tuesday we introduce you to a new blogging friend. We know that Blog Hops can get overwhelming and you don’t really get to know everyone you just want to be able to stop by to say hello to get to say hi to everyone on the list.

We came up with Make a New Friend Tuesdays. This way we can really get to know a bit about our new friends and everyone can drop by to say hello since its one blog once a week. Don’t worry we will still be having Blog Hops this is just a bonus! This is a much more intimate way to get to know your fellow Bloggers and introduce yourself to them. I love getting to actually spend a few minutes looking through their posts to see what their blog is all about and of course getting to see pictures!

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Meet our New Friends Riley and James

My name is Shawn Finch and I am a small animal veterinarian in Omaha, Nebraska. I have no un-favorite animal, my favorite food is chocolate and my favorite color is purple!

About James and Riley:


Dr. Shawn M. Finch is Our Vet!
We always hear horror stories from a lot of the dogs at the park about their vets. And we are always VERY proud to say we don’t have one horror story! All the dogs stare at us in disbelief when we say that.

That’s because our vet is the most gentle human we know! And we know a lot of humans!
Dr. Shawn Finch has wanted to be a Vet ever since she was 9 years old. She went to The University of Nebraska at Lincoln for her Pre-Veterinary Medicine degree. And then went to Iowa State University for her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

She’s been a Vet now for over 8 years, and is a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). Shawn is also involved with The Nebraska Poodle Rescue.
Dr. Shawn Finch and her husband Russ who is a skilled carpenter, are parents of 2 beautiful little ladies, Amanda and Abigail.

Her daughter Abigail recently joined the Blogging World as a Book Review Blogger on Riley and James

The other pets are Ebony Dog (Lab Mix-9) Noodle the Poodle (Miniature Poodle-12), Joy the Puppy (Lab Mix-2), Max the Cat (14), Piggy the Guinea Pig (6) and Princess the Gerbil (3). The dogs love to walk. They all love to eat and be pet and be in the middle of whatever family things are going on.
We recently lost our two wonderful hairless dumbo rex rats, Fuzzy and Wuzzy. Poor little men run free at the rainbow bridge warm and happy.
Don’t forget to stop by and say hello Riley and James

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  1. Thank you Felissa!! I am so honored to be featured on your Awesome Blog. I have met so many other wonderful pet bloggers on your Saturday Blog Hop too – thank you for making that newbie-friendly for me 🙂

  2. Love Riley & James! Enjoyed learning more about the blog and about Dr. Finch. 🙂

  3. Cooper and Lola says

    We are headed to meet and greet Riley and James.

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