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Every Tuesday we will be introducing you to a new friend. We know that Blog Hops can get overwhelming and you don’t really get to know everyone. You just want to be able to stop by to say hello so we came up with Make a New Friend Tuesdays. This way we can really get to know a bit about our new friends and everyone can drop by to say hello since its one blog once a week. Don’t worry we will still be having Blog Hops this is just a bonus! If you would like your blog to be featured please fill out this form and we will let you know when your blog will be featured.

Meet our new Friend Lexi her mommy helps her write her blog:

Here is a little bit about Lexi and her mommy. They have only been blogging for less then a month so they really need some bloggy love!

My name is Beth Fairweather and I am 41 years old (yikes!) I live in Michigan with my husband Glen and our three children, Maddie, Matthew & Amy and our fur babies Lexi, a 2 year old German Shepherd (author of the blog) and Bella our 2 year old short hair domestic cat.

I love chinese food & so does Lexi! My favorite color is purple, which is fortunate since that color goes so well with Lexi’s shiny black coat. I love to write and in my younger days did a bit of freelance work, so I’m enjoying helping Lexi with her blog. We have a fun family & Lexi likes to share her experiences in her blog. As mentioned above we have Lexi our purebred shepherd and Bella our domestic shorthair cat. They are a fun pair and enjoy sparring with another (but I suspect Lexi enjoys it more than Bella!). We are so thrilled to have them in our lives and are hoping to add a second dog to our family soon. Bella should LOVE that!

Not sure if Bella kitty will be too happy with you if you get another dog in the house. You will probably have one very mad kitty. As for Lexi’s love of Chinese Food. I know Two Little Cavaliers who love Chinese Food. They always want a bite whenever I have any which is pretty often. Love Lexi’s purple bed. Please share more pictures of your beautiful girl!

Don’t forget to visit Lexi at her blog to say hello!

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  1. Cute! Yippee make a friend Tuesday
    Benny & Lily

  2. Two paws up for make a friend Tuesday. Great idea!

  3. ♥ Sallie says

    Yay! I just went over. Great game!

  4. Sounds like a great idea to me!

    Your buddy,

  5. Two Little Cavaliers says

    SO glad everyone is enjoying the event. Don't forget if you would like to be included. to click on the form above. (I know it wasn't active but I am going to make it active now).

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