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A few days ago I received an email from Shelly from letting me know that I had won a 2z jar of Whipped Pumpkin Butter from her Etsy Store. When I say a few days ago I received the email letting me know on Feb 15th didn’t get to respond until the 16th and there the package was in my mailbox waiting for me when I got home today on February18th. I am so impressed with how quickly she got the Whipped Pumpkin Butter out to me and it was a free item that I won.

My hands were pretty dry when I got home today because it has been pretty cold here again for us Miami Natives and so I decided to go ahead and open the envelope and try it out. I have never used any whipped skin products so the feel did take a bit to get used to. When I applied some earlier today I used a very little bit and went about doing what I needed to do. About a half hour later I rubbed my hands together and they were so soft. Even from that tiny little amount I used I could feel a noticeable difference. I actually put some on right before I started typing this blog post because I really didn’t use enough before and I was just outside walking the dogs and it is now even colder.

I like the fact that not only does she make the products herself but they are made with all natural ingredients that are easy to read and pronounce. There is no guessing what something is or does. All the ingredients are Organic and she is still able to keep her items competitively priced.  I would absolutely recommend her products after trying the Whipped Pumpkin Butter in fact I would love to try her products for dry hair especially a deep conditioner. If it works as well as the pumpkin butter I would be in absolute love. From my dealings with her it seems that Shelly is available to speak to you to help you make the correct decision about what products you need for your particular situation. I am not sure which would be more beneficial to my hair the Hot Oil Hair Treatment Rosemary Lavender Natural Hair Care or the Organic Coconut Hair Conditioner Treatment I am sure that she will be more then happy to answer my questions and help me choose the product that I need.

From her Etsy Store:
I have been making natural and organic bath and body products as well as herbal remedies for over 20 years. I starting selling my products about 4 years ago. I make my products from scratch so I can easily customize any of my products for my customers to meet their skin care needs. I work hard to offer top quality products that are affordable to everyone. I want you to know that I work hard developing my products so they are effective, affordable and natural. I infuse my own oils, create my own recipes so they are effective for their specific use and make your products when ordered, just for you. My labels are waterproof so no worries you will always be able to read what your using! Turn around time for shipping: Due to my items being made from scratch when ordered your products may take 7-10 Business days to leave my door. If you would like to know before ordering how long before shipping please convo me. I do not make big batches of my products that sit on the shelve and wait to be bought. Your products are made for you and for your skin care needs.

Joyful Girl now has Joyful Canine a complete Pet Line for Canines and Felines available on Etsy. I went to take a look and ti is literally a one stop shop over there. They have shampoo and conditioners which not only help to protect against fleas and ticks but you can have scented to fit your preference or your pets personality, breath freshener, and ear cleaning solution, all the way to dry shampoo for in between bath times to help keep your dogs coat looking, feeling, and smelling great between baths.

Speaking of baths Davinia could really use a bath as she hasn’t had one since she was attacked and had to be shaved down to the skin so the vet could find all the places that were punctured and stitch her back together. I really want her coat to grow back lush and full so I might have to go back and check their site out a bit more and get a shampoo and conditioner for her to help that along from the outside. She is well enough for a bath it has just been pretty cold and I don’t want to stress her by bathing her but it really is past due at this point.

Thank you again to Joyful Girl Naturals for my jar of Whipped Pumpkin Butter. My skin appreciates it. Indiana and Davinia would be honored to do a product review and giveaway here on their blog from the Joyful Canine Etsy Store in the future.

Davinia, Indiana, and mommy

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  1. Shelly sounds like an amazing person.

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