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Loving Pet Giveaway Hop

Looking for a fun blogging event to participate in this summer?
Come join the Loving Your Pet Giveaway Hop! This FREE Giveaway hop which is scheduled for July 1st – 14th is all about your pets. We all all pets and animals so the sky is the limit here on what you can do with this event. The product(s) you Giveaway just have to have something to do with your pet or animals in general.

This event is free for everyone who would like to participate however we do ask that you promote it to your friends and followers. Please grab the html code for the button from the document and create a post that links back to this post so that others can sign up as well. The most successful events are those that everyone know about so help spread the word!!!!

Make sure to join our Facebook Group as we might just have some offers from sponsors who want to promote their product on YOUR blog!

The rules:
All Giveaway items should be pet centric that can mean the item is for your pet (leash, toys, bowls, clothing) or items with animals on them shirts, mugs, note paper, Jewelry, artwork – the sky is the limit!

NO LIVE ANIMALS that means no fish, gerbils, puppies, lizards ect. It is illegal to Giveaway live animals in this way.

Animal habitats, critter condos, fish tanks, etc are fine as long as there is no voucher for a live animal that goes along with it.

All Giveaways should be $20 or more with those totaling over $100 will be marked on the Linky List.

Please do not combine prizes from multiple companies unless they come to you as pre-packaged basket already. If you reach out to the company please give the company the courtesy of their own post. You are welcome to have mulitple Giveaway posts in this event. By telling the company that they are your sole sponsor for this event you are likely to get a bigger package from them anyway.

Please promote this event!!! The more you promote the more excited everyone is going to be when the event starts.

By the way the Grand Prize for this event is a Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Pet Bed in your Choice of Size and Color (three Cavaliers could easily fit on the small size!). You can check it out by clicking on the link in the Linky which currently directs you to our Wordless Wednesday post of the Girls trying it out for the first time.

loving your Pet Giveaway Hop

Let us know you are going to join the fun!

Now we need more information about you so we can send you a reminder email and keep in touch!

This event is open for anyone with a family friendly blog who would like to participate no matter what niche you generally focus on.

  1. Mimi @ Irresistible Pets

    Thanks for putting together this opportunity!
    I was trying to add the buttons but it looks like part of the HTML code is missing and it’s not working.

  2. Dawn @ Guiding Light

    Seconding Mimi’s comment…

  3. Kolchak, Felix & Jodi

    Thanks for hosting this! You can count Kol’s Notes and PupLove in! I’ll get posts up on both blogs this week!

  4. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings

    we do not have any animals – my 4 kids is enough! I will tweet this for you!

  5. Jodi Horsley

    No “live” animals! Oh my gosh I can’t believe you even have to put that in there?! lol That would be crazy if someone had that as a giveaway! I guess you never know though…better to be safe than sorry. Thank you! <3

  6. Mary Bearden

    I cannot get either one of your buttons to work. There is a red x right in the middle of the code so it won’t go thru. when you get it fixed I will come back and get the post up promoting the giveaway and fill out your form. Thanks!

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