Davinia and Indiana’s New House

Welcome to Davinia and Indiana’s new house! If you are landing here for the first time and have not started at the front door make sure to go back and start at Pictures of our New House!!!

Davinia checking out the downstairs:
Davinia checking out the lower level

Davinia jumping up to look outside:
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jumping up to see out the window

Davinia looking out the window downstairs:
Look mom there is a window down here too

Davinia on the Balcony:
Davinia on the Balcony

Davinia looking at her new yard:
Davinia smiling on the porch

The Side Garden:
The side garden

Time for a treat in the dinning room / Living Room (not sure which room is which yet):
Time for a treat after running around the house

Indiana claiming the only piece of furniture in the house so far:
Indiana napping on the first piece of furniture in the house

Davinia taking a nap in the kitchen:
Davinia taking a nap after running around the house

Indiana nap time:
Indiana nap time

Thank you for stopping by our new house!

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