Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Family Room

Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Family Room

The family room is the perfect place for puppies and their new owners to play and relax. Puppies love to explore and play, and the family room offers them a great space to do that. By allowing your new puppy into all of the rooms in your house early and teaching them how you want them to behave in there from a young age will make your relationship as your puppy grows that much easier. Puppy proofing your family room is important even though you will have your eyes on your puppy you might have to run out of the room to get the phone or check on dinner cooking in the oven. All it takes is a minute for a puppy to get themselves in trouble. Puppies get themselves into enough trouble without obstacles left in their way.

Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Family Room

1.Keep small pieces and parts secure and up high. This includes pieces to board games, toys that children may be playing with, coins, etc. These pose choking hazards and need to be kept off floors and coffee tables where they can be easily reached.

2. Be mindful of your houseplants. Houseplants such as philodendron and poinsettia can pose poisoning hazards. You also want to avoid lily and azalea. Instead, use dog friendly and safe plants or opt for silk plants. If you do have poinsettia next to your Christmas tree it is a good idea to put a baby gate around the area so that your puppy cannot get to the plant. It will also help with Christmas Tree leg lifting issues with male puppies. Remember your puppy thinks your Christmas tree is the coolest potty spot ever – he or she doesn’t have to go out in the cold because you brought the tree inside. We wrote a post last year with more information on How to Keep Your Dog Safe Around the Christmas Tree.

3. Provide a basket of puppy safe toys that your puppy knows are his. This will help him chose the toys over non toy items. When creating your puppy toy basket include all different types of items including stuffed animals, chew toys, and blankets. to help teach your dog that you don’t play ball in house house I suggest leaving that for the basket of toys for by the door.

4. Secure dangling blind cords up high. These can pose a strangulation hazard. You also want to be sure curtain ties are secure. Even if your puppy cannot get tangled up in the cords they will find the fun piece dangling on the end too much to pass up! Keep it out of sight so that there is no temptation.

5. Be mindful of electrical cords. Keep them tucked away and out of sight so puppy isn’t tempted to chew on them. Unplug items when not in use and put cords up on table sand desks your puppy cannot reach.

6. Keep food items out of the family room unless you are setting a precedent to share with your puppy. Don’t set food items on low laying tables as your puppy will have a difficult time practicing self control.

7. Use chemical free cleaning products. When cleaning this area of the home, strive to use chemical free products. This is one of the most used and most cleaned rooms of the home, so keep it free from harmful chemicals.

What other puppy proofing tips do you have to share to help others avoid the mistakes you made when your dog was a puppy?

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  1. Great tips! I follow all of them even with my 1 year old pooches who should know better.
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