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Caring For Stray Cats – Easy Shelter For Stray Cats

Over the years Davinia, Indiana, and I have found ourselves feeders and guardians to a number of stray cats. These cats weren’t exactly feral but they wanted no part in coming inside. We could make sure they had food and a place to sleep if they wanted to sleep at our house for the night. We were lucky most of our stray cat friends visited us when we were living in Miami so as long as they had a way to stay dry and a place to sleep they didn’t really need protection from other animals or other cats. All the cats in the neighborhood knew each other and ate together at a neighbors house. Yes, most of our visitors really lived down the block and in general spent the majority of their time over there once I figured out that they were not nearly as bad off as they were trying to make themselves out to be. We did have to take the little cat to the vet once because she got injured so she spent a few what she felt were miserable days on crate rest in the house.

Now that we live in Georgia the winter can be a lot colder to the point of snow and ice which means the strays in the area need some protection. What we are going to share with you is not going to work in an area that gets below zero but if you find that the temperature is dropping and even the dog need a jacket to go out for a walk this easy shelter will really help out any cats that have decided to pay you a visit. You don’t need much to help your stray cat visitors feel more comfortable and relaxed. An old storage container and some bedding is all you need!

Creating an Easy Shelter For Stray Cats

Easy Shelter For Stray Cats

What you need:
A giant heavy duty empty storage container
soft bedding blankets or straw – straw will hold up to the cold and any wetness better
small toys or a stuffed animal are optional

Turn the container on its side and add the bedding. If your stray cats like to play with toys or you think they might be interested feel free to ad a toy or two or something for them to cuddle up against. Miss Dora my parents cat is being nice enough to model her outside house for us. Her house is right up against my parents house giving her a view of anything that could be coming. It is out there for her to rest in during the day when she is tired of chasing animals in the woods. She plays outside when it is light out during the day and spends the rest of the time inside. It works for her and she refuses to be an indoor only cat. She was a stray cat that became an owned cat so she doesn’t need her little house much. Don’t worry she now refuses to go out if it is too cold or rainy. She seems to want to be out for a few hours and then come inside so that she can rest on my dad’s rocking chair on the back porch for the rest of the day.

When trying to find the best place to put your easy shelter for stray cats it is best to place it in a covered area. Make sure that any cats that decide to take up residency have the ability to see all around them. Place the shelter up against a wall or building facing outwards. If it is a particularly windy day or night you can face the open area towards the house so that the cat or cats receive as much protection as possible. This is not an insulated house. If the temperatures are really dropping you will need to create insulation by putting your Easy Stray Cat shelter inside of a bigger storage container and place insulation (straw, newspaper, blankets, etc in the extra space between the two containers.

Any food you are offering your stray cat visitors should be placed outside of their little shelter and also protected from the elements. Dora does get her morning snack outside before going out hunting for the day but she is only outside in nice weather so her food gets put in a dish on a ledge so that she can look out while she is eating.

Have you ever taken care of Stray Cats?

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  1. We have never come across a stray cat but we will keep this in mind if we do. What a great idea to give them some protection and shelter of their own. Your model is adorable!
    Miley recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Here in Texas strays are considered your cat if you feed or house them. even housing outside. so you are responsible for tagging shots and getting neutered. But thanks for this idea

  2. That shelter is a brilliant idea. We once had a stray cat rock up at our house, it turned up for days in a row and my folks had just reached the point of putting out flyers to see if she belonged to anyone and was lost. However on the 5th day she vanished never to be seen again
    Lauranne recently posted..Is quality better than quantity?My Profile

  3. Bravo for you helping out with the stray cats! We don’t have any strays for some strange reason. There are only a couple of cats that run loose in the neighborhood. They have homes and don’t really hang out at other houses.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..Telephone DogMy Profile

  4. I have not taken care of stray cats and this is a pretty good idea that I would have never thought of. I always thought straw soaked up water (shows how much I know about straw). Thanks for the info.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted..Some Cool Things About Dogs You May Not KnowMy Profile

  5. Thank you for sharing these great tips this past week at the Caffeinated Crafters Link Party. Hope to see you this week!


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