Dr. Seuss Game – Foot Book Game

Dr. Seuss Game – Foot Book Game

All sorts of feet are explored in Dr. Seuss’s The Foot Book. Kids love their feet, and so this Foot Book Game is the perfect activity for little ones. Give this wacky book a read, and when you are done, give this frugal game a try. It is a fun way to explore the text further and have some fun with feet! Take a peek below at how to get your feet in the game!

Dr. Seuss Game - Foot Book Game

Dr. Seuss Game Foot Book Game

Supplies needed:
Construction paper
Small prizes

You can find all of these supplies at your local dollar store. Dollar stores are especially perfect for finding the small prizes as you can get quite a bit of bang for your buck!

1. Begin by tracing your child’s foot on paper. You will need to do this about 10-15 times. You can either do it once and use the foot as a pattern for the rest, or take the time to trace their feet that many times. Should you decide to trace them that many times, be prepared for some giggles!
2. Cut out the foot tracings. You are now going to use them to create a scavenger hunt for your child.
3. You can either tape or place the feet around the house, leading your child to the treasure. Tape will allow you to attach the foot to unusual and unsuspected places, so you may want to consider trying this. Place some on the floor, the wall, on doors, etc. You can number the feet if you wish so your child knows which foot they are looking for next.
4. At the end of the foot trail, have a prize waiting for your child.

If you have several children, you can do sets of footprints in contrasting colors to keep them apart. Kids will love chasing after their own feet to see what is at the end, so give this Dr. Seuss Game – Foot Book Game a try and see how much fun you can have!

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