Summer Reading Suggestions for Your Littlest Dog Lovers

Summer Reading Suggestions for Your Littlest Dog Lovers

by Paige Bacon

Summer Reading suggestions for your littlest dog lover

It is often a challenge when the kids get out of school to keep them interested in reading. However, it has been shown in numerous studies that kids lose the previous school year’s reading skills when they don’t read over the summer break. Here are three Summer Reading Suggestions for your littlest dog lovers.

Cookie The Walker by Chris Monroe

Cookie the Walker is a short graphic novel which will amuse most young children. The story is simple for most early readers to follow as the main character Cookie is a small dog who becomes famous for walking on his hind legs all the time. Cookie is initially excited about becoming a celebrity and all the attention that he gets. Cookie though becomes tired and misses his friends. Will he keep walking on or give it all up? You will have to read this little gem to find out. The book is appropriate for kindergarten to second grade.

Lulu and the Dog from the Sea by Hilary McKay

Lulu and the dog from the Sea is a cute book for second through fourth grade girls. Lulu goes on vacation to the sea with her family, her dog Sam, and her cousin Mellie. When they arrive at the cottage by the sea, the landlady warns them of the dog from the sea and to keep the trash in at night. The poor dog was a stray born behind the Chinese food restaurant. Lulu wants to make friends with him and thinks to bring him home. Her family has other ideas. She has nine days to change their minds and bring the dog from the sea home. Now she only wonders how? Lulu and the Dog from the Sea is perfect for those long car rides during summer vacation and who knows you may find a Dog from the Sea on your trip.

Latasha and the Kidd on Keys by Michael Scotto

Latasha and the Kidd on Keys is a great book for discussing responsibility and doing what you say you will do. The story starts off with Latasha and her rescue dog Ella Fitzgerald Gandy who recently lost her leg in an accident. Latasha works very hard to train Ella and help her behave in all situations. When Ella gets upset at a friends birthday party and has to be taken home, Latasha works even harder to train Ella because she wants Ella to be her best. Latasha lives with her mother in an apartment above Ms. Okinocho, the landlady, who becomes quite an influence on Latasha as the story progresses. Latasha’s dad comes into the story as another opportunity for Latisha to learn about doing what you say you will. He is a piano player and while talented is not very responsible when it comes to being where he says he will be. When Latasha asks her dad to help her with an important school competition as an opportunity to spend time with her, you hold your breath hoping he will be the good dad of Latasha’s dreams. This is a great book for third through fifth graders.

Do you have any summer reading suggestion for the littlest Dog Lovers out there?

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