Twitter Helps Get Another Missing Dog Home

Charlie the labradoodle with George Brett

Hall of Fame third baseman George Brett took to Twitter late Tuesday night to find his beloved dog Charlie, who went missing during a storm that rolled through the Kansas City area.

Brett sent out a tweet shortly before midnight last night that read:

“Please help: My dog has gone missing. His name is Charlie and he is a black labradoodle. HELP Please. Pic to follow!”

His 11,000 followers picked up the message and re-tweeted sending the message roaring around the Kansas City Community and beyond in hopes someone might know where the scared dog had run off to. The media got wind of the tweet and ran the story of his missing dog early this morning. By 8:30am it was a happy ending with a tweet from George Brett that his dog was back home and safe.

In case you want to know how he got the message to spread here is what he did. He reached out to the community that knows him and loves him that he is passionate about and hoped that they would get behind him to help.

He attempted to get #findcharlie trending.
He went after the biggest kahunas in sports/social media to raise awareness of his plight, tweeting at Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, ESPN’s Buster Olney and, for local ground coverage, the Kansas City Star’s official Twitter account.
And he offered an unspecific reward — ” undecided; finder’s choice” he tweeted to a follower — to up the ante.

found Charlie Tweet from George Brett

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