Pug Puppy Stolen From Pet Store in Lone Tree, Colorado

A 9 week old female Pug puppy was stolen from a Lone Tree, Colorado Pet Store on Monday. The person came in and asked to hold a pug puppy and play with i so the manager allowed them to play in the little fenced in play area. The lady seemed interested in the little Pug and asked for more information about purchasing it. Another woman walked in and asked to know more about one of the kittens in the store so the manager went over to discuss the kitten thinking that the lady would just get to spend some extra time playing with the little puppy. Unfortunately that was not the case and the woman while the manager was distracted the lady picked up the Pug and ran out pf the store. The entire thing was caught on camera so the police know what the woman looks like.

We do not approve of pet stores but it is a crime to steal from any store whether or not you agree with their practices or their choice of merchandise. Steeling a puppy is not not something we condone an ask that if you see dogs in danger or sick or being treat poorly that that you should contact the authorities ad allow them to investigate. By stealing the puppy it just makes matters worse for everyone and puts the thief in bad light instead of the facility.

The local police are hoping that someone knows where the puppy is and that the puppy is being cared for. If you have any information please contact your local police to try and help get the puppy back from the lady who stole her.

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