Veterinarian Steps In When Human Society and Dog Warden Refuse

A concerned neighbor made the call to police that helped 44 cats and a dog get out of the horrible conditions they were in and somewhere they could be helped. But before they cats and dog could be picked up the police department had to find somewhere for the animals to be kept and cared for. They turned to the Human Society in their community for that help but were refused they did not have the space, transportation, or authority to pick up the animals and nurse them back to health. The police called the Sheriffs office and was also told they could not help in this situation. After making calls to several other organizations the local veterinarian Dr. Blake Lloyd stepped up and agreed to take the cats and dog and house them in their clinic until they could be released as well as to care for them and nurse them back to health.

The cats and kittens arrived in very bad condition but as this was a case of animal hoarding with possible other charges on top every treatment or procedure needs to be court ordered not something a regular veterinarian is used to having to get done. For now the cats and kittens are doing well in the care of the veterinarian and are out of the tiny dirty crates and into clean kennels with litter boxes, food, and water. The animal clinic has agreed to hold on to the animals as long as necessary but they are not really set up to shelter rescue animals for the long term they have a full patient roster.

Meanwhile the police are worried that should another hoarding case come up or animal case involving mulitple animals that they will be left in the same predicament. The humane society cannot legally take in more animals until they receive a human officer and they only have room for 15 – 20 cats at a time.

Some information from the Chillicothe Ohio Police Department about the rescued cats and how you can help:

The North Fork Animal Clinic has had numerous individuals contact them about making donations to the clinic. However, they are not able to accept monetary donations at the clinic. They have established an account at the Ross County Banking Center, “cat rescue” fund, for any monetary donations dedicated for this purpose. The clinic will however gladly accept donations of supplies, such as food and cat litter, at the clinic, which is located at 2260 Anderson Station Rd so if you live near there or know someone who does that would be willing to pick up some food or litter and drop it off at the clinic it would be much appreciated.

The North Fork Animal Clinic is asking that you do not call the clinic seeking adoption information or to check on the welfare of the cats, as it is not possible for them to meet these requests.

The Chillicothe Police Department and North Fork Animal Clinic will continue to work together to inform the community as to the status and possible adoption of these animals.

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