Easy Way to Help Dogs and Cats Effected By Hurricane Irene


Freekibble.com is designating ALL kibble raised today to help two shelters in areas impacted by Hurricane Irene’s flooding, high winds and power outages.  Many shelters and rescues have been heavily impacted by the storm and aftermath.

All kibble raised on Freekibble.com and Freekibblecat.com today, Thursday, September 8,  will be donated to the animal relief efforts in Vermont and North Carolina. Plus the corporate sponsor behind FreeKibble  will be doubling the donation if the sites hit 1 million pieces of kibble (about 10,000 meals) raised. With your help, TWO MILLION pieces of kibble can be sent directly to the Central Vermont Humane Society (http://cvhumane.com/) and the Fayetteville, NC Animal Protection Society ((http://www.fapspet.org/) to support their efforts in caring for the hundreds of pets impacted by the storm. These organizations will be distributing the food to additional welfare groups who are struggling.

All you need to do is visit freekibble.com or freekibblekat.com answering the trivia question which triggers the donation to these shelters.

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