Cloned Cat Turning 10 Years Old

Litter of Cloned Dogs


Carbon Copy or CC for short was the first cloned cat in what was supposed to be a run on pets being cloned. 10 years later there have been very few requests for cloned cats or dogs. One obstacle was the price tag of six figures per animal which no matter how much people loved their pet they were unable to pay. The other is the fact that even though this is not new technology or new methods there was a problem and the outcome was that even though CC is a Calico kitty genetisists can only clone 2 colors on the same gene. Or the puppies that were supposed to have white fur who have patches of greenish-yellow fur. Something was obviously going wrong and people just weren’t willing to hand over that much money for an imperfect copy.

Carbon Copy with her family


Carbon Copy is still genetically a Calico kitty just minus her orange patches. She has a boyfriend and was allowed to have a litter of kittens under the watchful eye of scientists to make sure the pregnancy and kittens all turned out ok. THey say CC was a great mom and her kittens were as normal as any other litter of kittens. A lot has been learned over the years that has translated into more information for private doctors working in the field.

Cloning livestock has had more success because of the commercial value of good livestock: breeders are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a clone of a prize-winning cow or horse. Most livestock is also cheaper to clone then dogs at $165,000 to clone a horse, $20,000 for a cow and $2,500 per cloned piglet though piglet clones are usually part of a litter, and owners buy the entire litter. Livestock has also not seen the same problems with cloning as they did with dogs and cats there have been no deformities in bone structure or color pattern issues. About 200-300 cows and 200-300 pigs are cloned annually worldwide with a total number of cloned animals at about 3,000 since Dolly the sheep was born. The animals are able to produce normal offspring in some cases where the animal that was cloned from was sterile thus producing offspring that would not have been an option before. Cloned livestock has won many awards both Nationally and Internationally taking after the animals they were cloned from.

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