Syringomyelia Awareness: Charlie the Rescue Boy You are Not Alone

Guest Post Series by Colin and Cathy Moon

Wow, where do I start? I’m sitting here at my desk in the early morning looking into my kitchen where four little cavaliers are curled up in their beds with warm, full bellies having just eaten breakfast. Charlie looks just as comfortable as India, Geordie and Chocolate. He doesn’t know it yet, but one of these days he’ll be running with them!

Adopting Charlie has been a leap of faith for us. To be honest, when I chose the theme for this weblog, I chose the lovely, misty picture of the bridge because I thought perhaps Charlie might not make it much longer. He has been a survivor for all of his short life, but I cannot allow a dog to suffer with no end in sight. I believe he was suffering every minute of every day before he had his decompression surgery. Many people were worried that time was running out for Charlie because the longer a dog has severe SM symptoms, the lower the success rate is for surgery. It was a huge leap of faith to bring Charlie here to Ohio in hopes that Dr. Axlund could help him, and we’re thankful that Dr. A. was able to improve Charlie’s life.

Caring for a dog with severe Syringomyelia symptoms is not easy, but fortunately we have never once felt that we were alone in this. There are many truly kind and caring people who have supported us every step of the way and wished Charlie well, and that’s why I’m writing this Thanksgiving post to all of you. Every decision we had to make for Charlie was easier because of the encouraging words you posted here and on the CavalierTalk forum. When we waited through his surgery, you sat with us and held our hands. When we were worried sick, you comforted us – even in the middle of the night. Every good thing that happened to Charlie was cheered on by you. I sincerely believe that all the good things that have happened to Charlie could not have happened without each of you who cared. Charlie truly belongs to all of us!

To ready Charlies entire story please visit his blog:

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