Hong Kong Dog Rescue Needs Our Help #bethechange

Hong Kong Dog Rescue is being kicked out of their current building and there is no chance of a reversal on that at this point. They loose their home on April 30th. They need your support in the form of donations, foster homes, adoptions, and help getting their temporary home ready. 

Why would I bother posting about one shelter that needs help when there are so many out there that are in need of funds in the US? It’s simple really Hong Kong Dog Rescue is the main rescue for the entire country. There are smaller rescues that take in a few dogs at a time scattered on the different Islands but HKDR is most dogs last chance. This isn’t a situation where there is another organization that can step in to help they are basically the only organization in the entire country. They take in all breeds sizes and shapes while other rescues generally just take in village dogs (mongrels) in need of medical help or found out wandering the country side.

HKDR is currently located in an area of Hong Kong that is easily accessible to the countries residents most of whom do not own their own car and rely on public transportation, taxis, and ferries from the different Islands to move around the country.Without an easily accessible location the dogs will loose out. The problem is they do not have either the funding to buy their own facilities in such a high priced area nor are they being offered locations that would benefit the dogs in their care. They do have a temporary new home – an actual home that someone is waiting to tear down and in the mean time is allowing the staff and some of the dogs to use the home until a more permanent solution can be found.

Of course this means that between now and the end of the month they need to find permanent homes for or at least long term foster homes for the animals in their care because they need to dog proof the home (secure the gate so dogs don’t run out every time someone comes in, create areas for the different dogs, clean the yard which is currently overgrown and in need of major work, and probably make some other adjustments to the house to make it a home for the dogs).

How you can help share their story with your facebook followers.

Here is the link to their website and list of available dogs:

You can find their facebook page here:


Blog about HKDR to help spread the word. You never know who will read their blog and know someone in the position to adopt or foster a dog in Hong Kong.

If you know anyone personally who lives in Hong Kong even if they cannot foster or adopt ask them to attend one of the events to help raise money for the dogs. They are also allowing dogs to leave the country some are getting ready to come to the US and at last one has been adopted by a new family in the UK. I am unsure how that will work but you would need to contact Hong Kong Dog Rescue yourself to work out the logisitics

SOHO – April 20th McSorely’s 8-9pm (no dogs please)

Discovery Bay – April 22nd McSorely’s 8-9pm (Dogs are invited of course they are that is why we love D-bay) 
*Davinia and Indiana asked me to say hello to all of their friends and to say that they would be there if we were not in the US.

Wan Chai – Coyote Bar and Grille – Howl at the Moon Party 7pm until late (no dogs please)

How Two Little Cavaliers is helping:
We are obviously blogging about their story and are nominating them for a #pawparty next month.

*All graphics used in this post are from and the property ofHong Kong Dog Rescue. We are just using the graphics to help tell their story.

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