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Syringomyelia Awareness: Article Index

I put together an Index of all of the posts from the event so they would all be in one central location. Please feel free to cross-post this index on your blog or website. Syringomyelia Awareness: Syringomyelia Made Simple Part 1

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Syringomyelia Awareness: Where would Cavaliers Be Without Responsible Breeders

Guest Post by Anne Singleton of Fight for Ella I have a problem of saying things before i really think about it or come up with the facts. With the two little cavaliers sm awareness event i have found that even

Syringomyelia Awareness: Canine Chiari Institute

Over a decade ago, Dr. Dominic Marino and Dr. Curtis Dewey set out to investigate an emerging problem in dogs-called the “Chiari-like Malformation” (CLM). Long-time friends and colleagues, Drs. Marino and Dewey (both board-certified veterinary surgeons) worked together to develop a

Syringomyelia Awareness: We Need Your Help USA!

Chiari malformation is a condition wherein the skull is misshaped or simply too small causing part of the brain, the cerebellum, to descend out of the skull through the opening at its base, crowding the spinal cord. Sadly, this malformation affects

Syringomyelia Awareness: We Need Your Help for Research

Are you a breeder or pet owner and with a cavalier of age 6 or older that you think might be a good candidate for a scan? Rupert’s Fund is on the search for older dogs CLEAR of Syringomyelia. To date,

Syringomyelia Awareness: Rupert’s Fund

Rupert’s Fund is a rolling fund to MRI scan older cavaliers, age 6+, for critical research into syringomyelia (SM), a neurological disease that is alarmingly prevalent in the breed. International studies have shown at least 35% of cavaliers under 5 worldwide

Syringomyelia Awareness: Poppy’s Story

Guest Post by Catherine Southwell I have 8 cavaliers ( all girls)! I have had cavaliers for 14 yrs and my first experience of SM came when we got our first ruby, Poppy in 1999. Poppy was chosen as we had

Syringomyelia Awareness: Dr. Marino Interview Part 3

One of our readers was given the opprotunity to submit Interview questions for Dr. Marino a leading researcher here in the US for CLM /SM. The interview is rather long and so it has been broken up into three parts in

Syringomyelia Awareness: Dr. Marino Interview Part 2

It is said that the only way to correctly diagnose CM and SM is with an MRI. At LIVS it is mentioned that less invasive techniques have been studied to diagnose. Can you tell me about these and especially Thermographic Imaging?