Valentine’s Day Craft Brag About the Ones You Love

Valentine’s Day Craft Brag About the Ones You Love

Brag Stick Key Chain

Valentine's Day Craft Brag About the Ones You Love -

Materials Needed for Brag Stick Key Chain:

Mod Podge Hard Coat – $7
Old credit cards – free
Scrapbook paper – 15 cents to $1.50
Preview photo page from an order of pictures or
Print out pictures on your printer – a few cents or free
Hole punch
Paint brush
Key chain ring – price varies (could be free)
Extra: different shaped paper hole punches

brag stick key chain
Valentines Day Craft Brag About the Ones You Love Step by Step Directions:

Cut your old credit cards in half, either two long strips or two rectangles. I found that the strips were easier to make and looked better on a key chain.

Next using your hole punch, punch out a hole near the top of your credit card strip. Not too close to the edge! Or your brag stick might break and fall off of your key chain.

Next cut a piece of scrapbook paper that is big enough to wrap around your credit card strip. Make sure your paper is big enough to completely wrap your plastic card. Paste your paper to the card, using the Mod Podge. Mark the location of your punch hole or even punch a hole through the paper, before you Mod Podge it onto the plastic.

Let your paper dry onto the plastic.

After your paper is dry and stuck to the plastic, you can now add your first coat to the outside of your brag stick. You have not added any pictures or embellishments! This first coat is just to seal the paper and make a nice smooth canvas for your photos. I used my fingers to smoosh the Mod Podge onto the paper, but you can also use a brush. Smooth the edges of the paper and firmly press them onto the plastic card as you spread the Mod Podge.

Let your paper dry until it is no longer white – 20-30 mins.

Now the fun begins! Add your pictures and embellishments! You will want to do this is layers – see pictures. First add photos, then words and finally decorations like paper cutouts or even gems. I added my name and contact information to one side. If I lose my keys, hopefully someone will return them!

Each layer will need: Use Mod Podge to glue embellishment to brag stick, then cover with a layer of Mod Podge, finally let dry until no longer white. Do this with every layer of embellishments.

After you have added all your embellishments you can begin your protective layer coats. There should be at least three of these coats for the best durability. Spread Mod Podge over both sides of your brag stick and let dry. I used a chop stick to hang the sticks up, so they could dry without smudging. Repeat three times.

After the final coat, let your sticks dry at least 24 hours or 72 hours for the best protection of your project.

Attach your stick to a key ring .

Valentine's Day Craft Brag About the Ones You Love Brag Stick Key Chain

I love these sticks, because they are so cute and easy to personalize they are perfect for a Valentine’s Day craft, a grandparents birthday, a Holiday Gift, or everyday. They would even make a great wedding favor for a small DIY wedding. Depending on the season or event you are making them for purchasing themed scrap book paper will make these even more fun. This project could be used for gift tags or luggage tags as well. They are perfect for showing off your little babies – most people have their keys with them all the time. I just showed mine off at the dentist’s office! Everyone thought they were so cute and wanted one of their own!

Have fun making your Valentine’s Day Craft Brag About the Ones You Love Brag Stick!

Who are you going to brag about to everyone you know this Valentine’s Day?

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