Loving Your Pet Giveaway Hop Grand Prize

loving your pet giveaway hop

If you love your pet this Giveaway hop is for you! Two Little Cavaliers your go to place for International Dog News, Pet Product Reviews, Pet Centric Giveaways, Cooking for Dogs, and the creator and co-host of the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop where pet bloggers and pet lovers come together to meet, greet, and hang out. Two Little Cavaliers has gotten together with some great bloggers to bring you an event that is completely Pet Centric that means every prize is for your pet or about about your pet!

Pet Bed w/Memory Foam up to $195 value

The Two Little Cavaliers Checking out the Bed

The best thing you can do for your pet is to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. This memory foam bolster pet bed is a great place for your pet to rest after a day in the yard running around or to cool off after a long walk! For cats its the perfect place to call their own. It has a solid memory foam base to provide maximum support and durability, a therapeutic memory foam layer to relieve discomfort in joints, and a high-loft comfort layer to offer insulation and a nesting environment. A protective, waterproof liner prevents moisture from harming the foam. Your pet is sure to be happy and comfortable sleeping on this bed. Available in 3 sizes and winner’s choice small 35 inches, medium 42″ and large dogs 48 inch. The bed in the picture above is the small size with 2 – 15 lbs dogs on it.

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  1. Leila

    My baby sleeps in bed with us. Usually curled up at the foot of the bed between us, but there are many nights that she likes to cuddle and will sleep right next to me :)

  2. Shelbie Johnston

    My 3 dogs allow me to share a bed with them :) A few cats as well :)

  3. michelle b

    my dogs like to sleep with us but it was getting too crowded so they now sleep in their own beds in the kitchen.

  4. Debbie/Africa's Blog

    In their beds :)

  5. Emilee

    Our mastiff sleeps on a crib mattress next to our bed, and our kitten sleeps on our bed or with one of the kids! :)

  6. amy marantino

    on my bed

  7. Nancy C.

    One sleeps under my bed and the other steps on a dog bed( which I bought big enough so both of them would fit).

  8. Trisha B.

    In whatever room I sleep in or in my bed with me.

  9. Brooke Westmoreland

    In my bed against me

  10. stefanie g

    on my bed, usually taking up my whole pillow!

  11. Amy Orvin

    My pets sleep with me in my bed.

  12. olivia rubin

    in the sun, like beating down sun, or on the couch

  13. Trayce Mc

    On his bed next to our bed…. he used to sleep with us but he’s too big for all of us to fit anymore lol. Ty for the giveaway!

  14. CinnyBBS

    JR likes to sleep either by my side or between my legs…LOL…and Baby Pom likes to sleep anywhere…
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  15. jill n

    they have a baby quilt in the corner they love to curl up on

  16. linda foster

    My pets all sleep together and as long as they are together they don’t care where they sleep :)

  17. catherine c

    in my bed

  18. Jessica Sage

    Mine sleep in my bed and take up most of it!

  19. Kim

    My dog sleeps on our bed, under a blanket


    they like to sleep with me or all curled up with each other

  21. Emily Nafziger

    Buttons always starts out on my bed and then she’ll end up in her bed. She likes to just flop on the floor for a while in between beds, too!

  22. debbie

    She sleeps beside my son’s bed.

  23. Bekah Kuczenski

    My dog sleeps on my bed :(

  24. Pam

    Oskar & the cats would totally be fighting over this bed!

  25. Pam

    Oskar currently sleeps in our bed, but I’d love to get him something just for him, so my husband & I can move at night!

  26. Kathy Idol

    Our baby is a Boxer named Homer. He love sleeping on the bed. The only thing is that is is so big he takes up alot of the bed.

  27. Tabitha Pyle

    he loves to sleep on the couch.

  28. Julie Lynn Bickham

    He likes to sleep in his bed with his special blankie.

  29. My puppy sleeps in his cage

  30. Beth Ann

    She sleeps on the bed with us, or she sleeps on her chair next to the couch. :)

  31. Dawn C

    my cat sleeps on our bed

  32. amber faulkner

    My cat sleeps snuggled in with me , ill tell her ” come on snuggle in” and she goes under the blanket and turns around and sleeps next to me like a baby … Never fails to melt my heart every time !

  33. Casey

    All of the dogs sleep on the bed with the husband and I!!

  34. angela

    All three of them sleep in the bed… One plastered on my left side (outside the covers), one plastered on my right side (in and out of the covers) and the other one under the covers across the feet…. It sucks when you have to pay at night.



  35. Mary Dailey

    They like to sleep whereever we are!

  36. Sue Sattler

    I have memory foam on my bed, so because my dogs are arthritic, they both sleep on my bed.

  37. Emily

    Buster used to sleep on the bed, but he can’t jump up anymore, so he sleeps on his own bed

  38. Lyn

    In the bed next to someone

  39. Erica L.

    In the bed with me :)

  40. Sylvia White

    She has an ole dog bed she sleeps on

  41. robin

    Our largest dog, of course, has to sleep in our bed altho’ I’d rather he sleep on the toddler bed next to our bed, but he refuses. Our smallest sleeps in her crate, our cat is usually outside at night {but when she’s not she’s usually sleeping on my head}, and our other larger dog sleeps in the room next to us on a memory foam topper. He’d be in bed with us too prob {if we could make room} but he’s a danger to the cat so they have to stay separate {the cat lives in our bedroom/adjoining room/bathroom}. Thanks for the giveaway! My Paco would love it!

  42. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy

    On the floor right nex to our bed

  43. Heather N

    Charley like to sleep anywhere she can bury under blankets, as long as she is close to me or my husband.

  44. Ashley Suzanne

    On her little pillow that I made :}

  45. Toletha

    my bed

  46. Michelle Spayde

    My Pom sleeps on my bed at night, but her bed during the day. The cats are all over the place.

  47. Karey Cone

    Anywhere and every where!

  48. Terri Quick

    My dogs sleep wherever they feel comfortable :)

  49. Sarah L

    On the bed when I’m in it. Various places during the day.
    Thanks for the contest.

  50. jodi b

    anywhere! she sleeps in our bed at night

  51. Jessica Snook

    On a little pet bed.

  52. Darlene Owen

    Our dogs love to sleep on our bed but they sleep in the living room

  53. Katie O

    At night one sleeps in the bed the other on the floor. She really needs a more comfy bed to curl up in!

  54. Jammie

    In the chair, unless we are in the bedroom then by the bedroom door.

  55. Linda Kish

    My dog likes to sleep with me.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  56. Victoria R.

    Usually both of my Bostons sleep right at the foot of my bed!

  57. Lesley F

    At the end of our bed.

  58. Amy

    My dog and cat like to sleep in bed. My new dog sleeps in his crate.

  59. Danielle E.

    At night in my room in his bed, during the day he mostly prefers the couch

  60. Terri Betz

    He likes to sleep on our bed with us but, he always gets off and goes to his bed before morning! :)
    Thanks for this giveaway!
    Blue Strong on FB!

  61. Cheryl Walker

    He likes to sleep on the bed or near the radiator in the winter.

  62. Of Pit Bulls and Patience

    What a great giveaway! Parker and Skye both love to sleep on a comfy dog bed (or a human one!)

  63. marisa g.

    On the corner of the bed.

  64. Sarah

    My dog likes to sleep on her pillow. I think she also likes to sleep on the couch when I’m not home :)

  65. Laura Miller

    My pet loves to sleep on the couch

  66. Heather S

    My dogs mostly cram into my bed with my husband and me.

  67. Jo

    In her pet bed!

  68. sandy weinstein

    my girls ususally sleep with me at night, but they have beds in the living room and the bedroom as well. but they prefer to sleep next to mom at night.

  69. Ju

    Dumpling plops down and sleeps just about anywhere. He loves sleeping on the sofa, carpet and the hard-wood floor. The only ‘odd’ place he sleeps is on top of an old backpack.

  70. Kelly Ann T.

    Kouga likes to sleep in his bed in the winter and on the cold tile floor in the summer. Artie has been sleeping in the bedroom on the carpet next to the bed. Artie needs a new dog bed.

  71. Bonnie Cantrell

    My 2 dogs sleep in their crates at night but during the day they like to sleep under my couch! lol The cats, of course, sleep ON the couch. ;)

  72. Lisa R

    One on his bed and one depends on where we are in the house. He’s a little one. The one that sleeps on his bed just recently has been slowing down. He’s almost 10 and I really was wondering if a memory foam would help him because lately he can hardly make it up the stairs, the poor thing…I would love the chance to win this prize. Thanks for running the giveaway

    • Lisa R

      Forgot to add my info

      Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  73. Kathy S

    ON the rug by the front door.

  74. Homemom3

    on my lap or in their bathroom.

  75. Stacey

    My dog loves her bed.

  76. Larrielle

    Bentley either sleeps in bed with me or in the living room

  77. K Anne

    at night she sleeps in the bed with us. During the day, she loves to sleep under our bed.

  78. Natalie U

    My little Pom sleeps with us on the bed
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  79. Leslie G.

    on the picnic table outside… the couch inside.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

  80. Adria

    My dog is a large dog and since we are living in a room in someone else’s house, he sleeps on the couch with me. It’s quite uncomfortable for both of us but he’s my baby and I don’t want him sleeping on the hard floor by himself.

  81. Mare S

    My one kitty, Dexter, always sleeps with me. He switches between his fleece blanket at the bottom of the bed and his chair with a pillow in the corner of the room. Brian goes from room to room depending on who he likes the most at any given time. Katniss has her own little kitty room and she always seems to be sleeping in her playhouse.

  82. Vicky W

    On the floor between my legs or on my feet

  83. Sarah Rainwater

    On the deck!

  84. Marissa

    My cats like to sleep at the foot of the bed.

  85. Randi Poole

    Depends on the dog…one actually prefers to sleep in the crate, the oldest loves a bed, couch, anything soft, and the 3rd one doesn’t care as long as he is on one of the other two :)

  86. kyona

    On our bed.

  87. Dena

    Sadie likes to sleep at the foot of the bed.

  88. Melissa

    their beds!

  89. Natalie Z

    one cat on the foot of my bed and one offer on my pillow (partially my head)

  90. Amanda Tempel

    They love sleeping on my bed :)

  91. Karen Glatt

    My dog loves to sleep on the living room couch! There is a depression in the couch seat that my dog loves to sleep in!

  92. Claudia M

    at night in my bed and during the day he has a blanket on the floor

  93. Lisa Brooks

    Couch, bed, anywhere they feel is their property. LOL (dog & cat)

  94. Stephanie Hungerford

    One sleeps either outside on his stool, or in his cat bed. Cleo my all house cat sleeps best when she is sleeping on top of mommy. She is always in my bed when I am sleeping in fact if I refuse to go to bed when she wants she will start nipping me because she wants to go to bed.

  95. chris z

    my dog likes to sleep on the bed

  96. Kate B

    We have two cats and two kids, one sleeps with my son, the other with my daughter

  97. Arabella

    Se likes to sleep just about anywhere!

  98. elven johnson

    We have an old ratty blanket on the floor that the dog likes to sleep on. The cat loves to sleep anywhere.

  99. Catherine L.

    On the balcony.

  100. paige chandler

    Pansy sleeps next to me on the bed.

  101. Amber

    My cat likes to sleep in the strangest places. In litter boxes, in his food dish, in the sink.

  102. katie mitchell

    Roxy sleeps with me, Molly sleeps on the couch(lately on the floor) and Beethoven tries to get in bed with me but he is just too big for that so until I get him a bed he is sleeping on the couch/floor

  103. Pamela

    Looks like a lovely bed. Not sure if it would entice Honey to be less interested in mine. :)

  104. jodi lasher

    My dog sleeps in my bed… But we kick her out and put her on the couch after a little while.

  105. Trish B.

    I have nine rescued dogs and one foster dog. They take turns sleeping with us in the bed or in their kennels. This would be wonderful to win as most of my babies are older and arthritic and would really appreciate this wonderful bed! Thank you!

  106. Kathryn C.

    She would like to sleep on the bed with my husband and me but we don’t allow her to do that because she is 8 months old and weighs 45 lbs. She has a dog bed that we bought for her a while back and she has outgrown it. Thanks!

  107. Jennifer Clay

    My two cats and dog LOVE to sleep in my bed…:/

  108. carol roberts

    in the floor

  109. Lisa B.

    My dog DJ likes to sleep where ever she wants (my bed, couch, her bed etc.). Thanks for the giveaway.

  110. Sarah Blake

    My cat sleeps under my mom’s covers LOL

  111. Cheryl

    Usually on blankets

  112. Michelle Underwood

    Our Boston terrier likes to sleep with our son and the kitty sleeps wherever she wants! lol

  113. Jennifer

    My dog likes to sleep on our bed or the sofa

  114. Nikki

    I have a few pets, and they sleep on the sofa, the chairs, and the beds. They’re a little spoiled!

  115. Jeanne B.T.

    My little dog loves to sleep with me.

  116. Jerri Davis

    On A Couch. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  117. Glenna F

    My dog loves to sleep with me, or on my couch, I’ve been trying to convince her to use her dog bed so maybe if I won a comfy one she would.

  118. Megan

    My last kitty liked to sleep on the couch.

  119. Shelley P

    One of our dogs sleeps under our bed, the 3 tiny dogs sleep with us and 2 sleep in their beds.

  120. Emily W

    My cat sleeps on my bed, or the back of the couch.

  121. Traci Lynn Butler

    Our dogs like to sleep in their crates in our bedroom

  122. Rita A

    In our window seat on a comfy pillow

  123. Charlotte R

    Our dogs sleep under the covers at the bottom of the bed.

  124. Teigh

    in the tub

  125. amy craft

    My Lab (who is a BIG baby) sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed. My peekapoo sleeps in the bed under the covers next to me

  126. Katie W.

    Rocko sleeps in the bed.

  127. heather burdett

    Depends… at night, they sleep with us.. during the day, they seem to take shifts on a pink pillow of mine which sadly, I will be needing to throw out soon. >.<

  128. Catie

    At nighttime, he sleeps in bed with us!

  129. Tamra

    Our dog loves to sleep on our chaise lounge

  130. Kristen

    Our pets like to sleep in bed with us.

  131. savannah

    On my legs.

  132. Sue C.

    My cats sleep everywhere – on the kitchen table, in the hallway, on the kitchen chairs, sometimes on the bed, etc.

  133. laura v

    My baby sleeps on a pet bed that is wearing out, do to my tight budget looking for a good special on pet beds?

  134. jennifer miescher

    My cat likes to sleep at my feet

  135. Paul T/Pauline T

    right now at the foot of my bed - Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  136. Helen Marie Jones

    My pets like to sleep in my bed!

  137. Jennifer Irving

    Mostly on my lap!! I”m hoping this would bribe her to leave!

  138. viviana

    he loves to sleep in bed with us but since he’s always jumping on the bed and it’s kinda high he fractured his hip and can no longer jump :(

  139. Secret Burkheiser

    My great dane3 and airedale ate their new pillows so they are sleeping on some blankets

  140. Angel Jennifer

    with me!

  141. Stephanie Crosbie

    on the couch during the day, and in my bed at night.

  142. Maggie Ann True Armstrong

    Usually at the corner of my bed by my head. She’s such a sweetie, I’d love to win this for her.

  143. Rachel K

    My new kitten, who is now 8 months old, loves to sleep on my desk chair. It became his chair and I had to buy another one. He now sleeps next to me while I work on “his” chair!!!

  144. Ariel Henry

    My pets like to sleep on the bed or on the couch.

  145. Anne N.

    My dog loves to sleep next to my bed.

  146. mary keller

    We have two dogs. Only one is allowed on our bed the other one usually sleeps on the couch.

  147. Stacey R.

    Our dog sleeps on our bed. Would be great to get him his own to sleep on =P Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  148. penny hyde

    our doxi uauaha insists on sleeping between the hubs and me. one of the kitties sleeps in the dog’s bed and the other sleeps in a basket on the nightstand. However, at some point each night, they all wind up in the bed with us!!!

  149. Lorri S

    Nellie likes to sleep just about anywhere, but she does enjoy her bed the best

  150. amy honious

    my dog zelda (a boston) sleeps in whoever’s bed that she is allowed!

  151. Kim Kostiew

    Snoopy sleeps in his bed by the front door!! :)

  152. Cathy Spears

    Usually on the couch, and all over the couch.

  153. Nicole M

    My cat curls up behind my legs on the bed while I sleep, or he’ll get nudged off in the middle of the night, and then he moves to his cardboard box :-)

  154. Pamela Goldman

    On my daughters bed or on the floor

  155. Aja R.

    My dog likes to sleep in the foyer

  156. DAYLE B

    Mac the German Shepherd like to sleep in his kennel
    on a doggie bed. uses his blanket for a pillow.
    kennel is in the living room

    • DAYLE B

      this amazing sounding doggie bed would be great to have
      as an extra as he tends to get dirty and paces the floor
      when I wash his bedding. cute pics of your doggies too.

  157. Wendy Pogrant

    My kitten sleeps in bed with me.

  158. BValerie

    My dog sleeps wherever he chooses. I wish I had a comfortable bed like that for him

  159. Elisa

    On his own bed or on the couch.

  160. Kimberly martini

    My dog leila a shih tzu likes to sleep in my bed either on top of me or right next to me always touching me , and the kitty we got likes to sleep on the floor in the hallway right next to the bathroom :]


    Max and Katie would love this


    Max and Katie sleep with my hubby one one one side the other on the other side he can’t move

  163. Cassy S.

    He would love to be back in our bed but our daughter takes up his room so he sleeps in his own little bed but it’s going flat (loosing stuffing) so he would love this one.

  164. Tara Liebing

    My cat likes to sleep right next to me by my head or in the hallway between my sons room and my room. So he needs his own bed

  165. Rachel Robertson (Azrael)

    My cat’s love to sleep on our clean clothe s when they can, but normally they are on their blankets :)

  166. Kasee Johnson

    Our cats sleep in my son’s bed with him, but he’s leaving for college next month and I’m not sure what they’ll do then! Our dogs sleep outside, 1 sleeps in a “den” he dug into the hillside, 1 sleeps in the blanket-lined crate, and 1 sleeps on TOP of the crate. Our pygmy goats sleep in a big red doghouse.

  167. Margot C

    Leonardo (a cat) has a nest under the folding table in the laundry room where he likes to sleep.

  168. Kelly R

    They sleep on the floor in our room..

  169. Brittany Boardley Renaldi

    They both sleep in bed with us!

  170. Jodi Trudel

    We have one dog that insists on laying on the floor alone and another that wants to be in bed sharing a pillow lol

  171. Debbie Clauer

    I have 6 dogs, 4 that sleep in bed with me. One of them has her own pillow.

  172. Kris

    My cats sleep anywhere I am. Usually on my feet.

  173. Elaine Rosser

    Domino likes to sleep sprawled over on his back on the livingroom sofa.

  174. Julie KarmaBjerga BodhiDrum

    Ralphie loves to sleep in bed with me on “his side” curled up on his two super soft plushie blankets. Or in his bed right next to mine if he gets too hot. ;)

  175. Janna Johnson

    in my bed
    Thanks for a great contest! janna johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com GFC: janna@feedyourpig

  176. April Martin

    Usually on my bed but she also likes to sleep on the printer for some reason too! LOL

  177. Linda Landes

    In my bed

  178. alyce poalillo

    On the bed with me or in a bed next to my computer while I am working.

  179. Johnny

    My cat sleeps where ever he wants, usually on top of the bookcase,on in the clothes hamper, empty box,my computer chair on top of the tv(not flat screen)

  180. Trung Nguyen

    My dog likes to sleep by my bed

  181. Kitty

    Coco likes to sleep under the bed and Kia sleeps in her Kitty Kup.

  182. Teresa Thompson

    On her bed.

  183. Cindy Brooks

    If I could let them both cats would sleep in our room on our bed with us, but…they keep my sweet husband awake. So, they usually either sleep with our grandson or in their two story kitty bed the hubby built in my office.

  184. Kat Riley

    My cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes. (or the couch) (or the windowsill) (or the middle of the floor) (or in the sunshine),etc…they just love sleeping.

  185. Rebecca L.

    on my mom’s bed

  186. Kerri Reed

    My kitties would LOVE this bed!!

  187. Carrie M

    We just got our new puppy today, she sleeps (or i am planning on her sleeping) in her crate until she is house trained. Our other dog is an outside dog (by her choice)

  188. michelle cavanaugh

    my bed when she can otherwise she has her bed right next to mine

  189. Sarah

    He likes to sleep in my bed in the curve of my back.

  190. nikki robak

    In bed with me

  191. Alicia

    On top of me, if at all possible.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  192. Katie R

    My dogs like to sleep at the end of the bed when I’m sleeping or on the couch when I’m awake

  193. Misty

    Steel sleeps at the foot of my bed.

  194. Nancy

    Molimo likes to sleep at the top of the stairs.

  195. Rick

    Under the desk or table.

  196. Michele Behlen

    My dog sleeps in the recliner in the living room most of the time.

  197. Betsy Barnes

    My dog likes to sleep in our bed :)

  198. Karhma

    My dog likes to sleep on her dogbed in her crate, & the cat likes to sleep on everyone’s bed. I don’t let the dog o furniture though, but she would probably love to sleep in our bed too.

  199. susan varney

    he has a bed in our bedroom

  200. debbie johnson

    odie starts out on my bed. then to the husband’s bed, my daughter’s bed is next and he ends up on my granddaughter’s bed. we do this every night.

  201. Holly

    Mine sleeps in my bed at night and in the window during the day.

  202. Cheryl Chervitz

    Two of them sleep with me and my husband in bed. One sleeps under a blanket, and the other sleeps on the couch

  203. Libby's Library

    Anywhere they want to. I’m counting right now, and it looks as if we have 9 beds is assorted sizes. LOL and just 2 dogs.

  204. Donna Jean Baker

    My Patches our Australian Shepherd loves to sleep on a bed in master bathroom in the over sized closet she refused to sleep anywhere else she loves it quite. She is so funny

  205. Inez Cegelis

    well, she LIKES to sleep on the fluffiest pillow she can find, preferably on the bed…when that doesnt work, she has a fluffy bed next to ours

  206. Kathlean Owens

    Lina Shay (cat) sleeps with my daughter, Athena Rose (cat) sleeps with me and Kita (dog) sleeps with my Nephew James.

  207. Kelly D

    My pets sleep on area rugs.

  208. Samantha Daley

    Rugby likes to stretch out in his own bed. If he can find someplace with a roof he is happier, like under the bed/end table/ recliner.

  209. Mia Dentice Carey

    In our bed or on the couch

  210. sara m ford

    my dog sleeps on the sofa and my cat sleeps on her pillow on our bed

  211. Theresa J

    On the edge of my bed

  212. Jennifer DeFoy

    One of them sleeps in bed with us and the other one sleeps on a bed on the floor – she’ll use our bed if we’re not in it. But she likes to have her own space :-)

  213. Jordan Erika Smith

    Mine’s all over the place, to be honest. She’s a border collie and her favorite thing to do is lay in the absolute middle of the bed leaving me no room at all, so I usually have to push her over and she grumbles. If I’m restless she’ll go downstairs and sleep on the couch or in the floor. Oh, and if there’s anything I want to use, like the tv remote or my iPod, she’s sure to be found sleeping on top of it like she knows I want it.

  214. Amanda Starr

    We have two rather beat up dogs beds in the living near the front door that my dogs sleep on. The cat will sleep anyway haha.

  215. Mary Casper

    in bed with me

  216. Claire McKeon

    Both my cat and puppy sleep in my bed!

  217. Melissa Wetterow

    All over everything! They think if I am on it, then so should they be! :)

  218. Shannon Baas

    In my bed.

  219. Jessica E Ledford

    We have 4 dogs and they all have their place…One at the foot of the bed, one on the couch, one of the loveseat, and one on a pillow in the corner of our bedroom :)

  220. Chrystal D

    He sleeps in front of the tv or beside the bed my me when I sleep!

  221. McKim

    If I’m up she sleeps on the end of the couch. At night she sleeps in bed with me.


    My pet likes to sleep in my bed or on the couch.

  223. Aaron

    My dog usually sleeps on my bed or on the couch.

  224. Stephanie

    Lily sleeps in the bed, and Doodles and Biscuit take turns sleeping in the cat tree.

  225. sarah

    Bella likes to sleep in the bathroom sink, in the tub or under my rocking chair.

  226. Suz Saves

    My cat likes to sleep on my bed or in his cat bed. The dog sleeps on the bed or on her dog bed under the bed.

  227. Karen Gonyea

    At the foot of the bed :)

  228. Carmen C.

    She loves to sleep in her kennel!

  229. Three Kids & We

    Millie likes to sleep UNDER the deck, lol!

  230. christine jessamine

    my dogs sleep in their beds in the kitchen

  231. Carey Ownby

    My dog likes to sleep on the couch

  232. Carrie M

    My dog sleeps next to me on the bed

  233. ky2here

    In bed with us – ugggghhh

    ky2here at msn dot com

  234. diana shenderovich

    my dog sleeps on his old small bed

  235. wendy g

    both our dogs like to sleep in our bed

  236. April Brenay

    He likes to sleep in his doggy bed :)

  237. Heather H

    my dog likes to sleep in the bed with me!

  238. Victoria S

    My Riley sleeps at the foot of the bed, forcing me to be in the fetal position by morning! But I love him so it’s ok :)

  239. Renee G

    Our dog sleeps under our bed for the first half of the night, and sneaks onto the bed once we’re asleep.

  240. Martha Ecord

    My dog likes to sleep on the couch.

  241. Jenna P

    On me!!

  242. Ken Robinson

    Precious, the cat loves to sleep on the front porch. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  243. Shaunda E.

    Under my son’s bed.

  244. Aimee Fontenot

    My kitties have their own room to sleep in, and the dogs actually like to sleep in their kennels.

  245. Kimberly R

    My kitty sleeps on my bed cuddled up next to me every night.

  246. alicia wallace

    My cat likes to sleep in bed with us

  247. Marianna

    In bed with my husband and I or with the kids!

  248. Janet W.

    My dog likes to sleep anywhere that is carpeted.

  249. Kristi C

    Our dog sleeps on a chair in the upstairs hallway.

  250. Christine

    in my bed

  251. Gale Nelson

    on the foot of my bed

  252. cathy

    in our bed

  253. Joanne R.

    He likes to sleep in my lap.

  254. crystle tellerday

    on my bed

  255. BreeAnna McManus

    outside in their hutch

  256. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    We have 2 dogs and the both sleep with us.
    I wish wh had never started it. I would like to win so we can try and break them what we did.

  257. Monique Rizzo

    My dog sleeps in the crate.
    Thanks for the chance.

  258. kim

    My dogs like to sleep in their dog bed unless it is thundering and lightening then they want to sleep with us just like little kids

  259. Kathy Ross

    He either sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed or by the bedroom door.

  260. Melissa P.

    She would like to sleep in my bed, but she actually sleeps in her crate.

  261. Holly

    My 3 cats like to sleep on our sectional couch…they need their own bed, mine is covered in hair! :P

  262. Gloria S

    On our bed

  263. Ciara B.

    my chihuahua loves to sleep in bed with me, my beagle likes to sleep next to the fridge

  264. Melissa D

    He sleeps right next to my bed (unless it’s really cold out– then he jumps ON the bed and sleeps on my feet).

  265. Renski

    The sofa or our bed.

  266. Cálaeb T.

    loves to sleep on my bed.

  267. Gaye M

    Two cats like to sleep on the bed with me.

  268. Brutus Duffy

    On the sofa.


    on our bed most of time

  270. Jennifer E.

    My dog loves sleeping in my bed.. on my pillow!!!

  271. Jeryl M.

    My cat likes to sleep on my husband’s and my bed.

  272. carol

    my daughters dogs sleep on a bed near them in their bedroom

  273. Mommyofone Shanna

    The Recliner =)

  274. Cujo

    On the sofa

  275. Derek T

    On the Lazy-Boy recliner.

  276. Tanya White

    my dog likes to sleep in my bed or the kids bed but the problem is he is too big so he ends up on the floor next to one of our beds at night

  277. Heather

    My dog likes to start the night in his dog bed and then always ends up by the front door.

  278. gina

    In her crate & on the couch by day & at night in bed with us.

  279. Diana Stanhope

    They have their own bed in my room.

  280. Lori Vann

    Currently my puppers sleeps in his kennel at night, he’s only a few months old though. When he’s older, he’ll have his own bed in my room or in our living room.

  281. Johnetta Dawson

    Under my computer desk.


    She like to sleep in my bed

  283. Denise Donaldson

    She sleeps in my sisters closet lol

  284. Amy Lee

    On my bed!

  285. Heather Johnson

    My dog likes to sleep on the end of my bed. The cat sleeps on the bed in the nursery.

  286. Missy L

    Our small dog sleeps either in our bed with us or in his crate. Our large dog sleeps on the carpet beside our bed.

  287. Tami

    My pet likes to sleep in my bed!

  288. Jason

    My Lab likes to sleep in the bed

  289. Jennifer M

    My dog’s either on our bed or on the bathroom floor.

  290. Stacy

    Well, my dog has three different beds around the house: one in the office, one in the living room, and one in our bedroom. At night he sleeps on the bed in the bedroom, but during the day he sleeps in either of the other beds, or on the floor, or on the doormat.

  291. Charity S

    In her own bed.

  292. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    at my feet on the couch or the bed
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  293. Myra R

    my kitties love to sleep with me in my bed!

  294. Ashley Pomykala

    My dog, and two cats sleep in bed with my boyfriend and I. It gets very crowded.

  295. Cindy

    On my lap.

  296. Chrystal J.

    On my bed.

  297. Chaqkins

    Usually on a bench by the front door

  298. Tina Bartunek

    At the foot of our bed.

  299. charlotte c.

    My cats usually sleep in their cat tree next to my bed

  300. Marie C

    The cats sleep in the windows when weather permits. The dog mostly sleeps by my bed. He’s almost 10 years old now and he’s stopped jumping up on the bed. I would love for him to have a memory foam pet bed.

  301. Janet Dattilio

    Under my daughter’s bed

  302. Claire

    She likes to sleep on the bed but sometimes jumps off to sleep on the floor.

  303. Jennifer Sims

    Bear begins sleeping on my side of the bed on an old pillow, then rotates to my hubby’s side on a pillow, then back & forth during the night guarding. When hubby is on-call at night though, I let Bear up on the bed with me (shhhh… don’t tell the hubby!!) :D

  304. Carla

    They like to sleep anywhere they want.

  305. robyn paris

    on a pillow in the family room.

  306. Anne Sweden

    My cats love to sleep in their fleece cuddle bag.

  307. amanda whitley

    my cat sleeps in the window sill

  308. Ruth Hill

    On the furniture when they can. Our dog does have her own bed on the floor.

  309. Phoenix

    They like to sleep on top of me!

  310. Frances

    Pumpkin would love this bed. He sleeps wherever his fancy strikes him. He’s a bit of a snorer too!

  311. Stacy Barker

    Dunkin likes to sleep with me or my son or the couch. I had him two pet beds but they were from my dog that passed and he never would sleep on one of them and he out grew the one he would sleep on. I would love for him to get his own bed, We have memory foam on our beds and he loves that.

  312. Cayla Toering

    He likes to sleep under the bed, in his own bed, and nap on our bed.

  313. Amy DeLong

    on by bed:(

  314. Rachel

    The cats prefer the backs of our chairs. The dog sleeps next to me, either at the foot of my side of the bed or on her blanket on the floor.

  315. Charlotte Padgett

    They sleep on separate rugs by my bed.

  316. Jennifer Kavanagh

    My little Hedwig likes to sleep on her back. She will sleep anywhere, but always on her back with her little feet all up in the air. Quite an adorable quirk :)

  317. polly

    on our bed and on her bed. she changes places during the night

  318. melina r

    my cat like to sleep on the couch

  319. Kristie Betts

    Our big dogs likes sleeping on the floor on my side of the bed, and the little dog like sleeping on the bed with us

  320. Dorothy

    on a old dog bed

  321. Audrey Morgan

    My dog loves to sleep up in my bed- LOL

  322. Lisa

    In bed with me.

  323. Dorothy Campbell

    Sleep on their bed but they will not share both love to stretch out so their is only room for one.

  324. Melissa Shirley

    On my bed!!!!

  325. Stephanie A

    On our bed and in the hall by the front door!

  326. caitlin chapman

    on the couch since we are upstairs and no one is around to tell him to get down! lol

  327. Savannah Miller

    My dogs like to sleep on a huge quilt I made.

  328. lknott

    My cat has her own wicker basket with a towl in it. It is right by the door so we add a blanket in the winter! A pet bed would be perfect for our Zorro!!!

  329. paige fowler

    all 4 of our dogs sleep in bed with me lol.

  330. simone t

    Our lab sleeps on a pet bed when he is out and in his crate at night. Thanks!

  331. Alexandra Roach

    she sleeps on my couch!

  332. Richard Hicks

    our cats like to sleep on bed at night and sometimes in their own little kitty beds

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  333. Paula Tavernie

    He likes to sleep in my bed!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  334. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    Our two eight year old kitties (from separate litters) have a kind of loose, tacit territorial understanding about who’s space is whose and of course the MALE cat always want what and whereever the female has/is. squabbles and challenges.

    The current “arrangement” is that they sometimes sleep in separate large rocker recliners, or a foot apart in front of an open window in the bedroom.

    In the middle of the night, one of them is bound to jump on the bed and do their best to get us up and petting/scratching them. When the female does that – the male REALLY goes after her to prove his dominance…

    However sometime, especially when it is cool out (or inside) they will sort of snuggle up and share a cozy place, using each other as pillows. I know they would love this prize! (And so would we!)

  335. Wehaf

    My dogs like to sleep with us, but they usually sleep on their own beds on the floor.

  336. kathy pease

    my dogs like to sleep on the couch

  337. Vicki D.

    Our dog likes to sleep in the bed next to us, but, if I had this bed, he could actually sleep in his own bed. Plus, it looks really comfortable.

  338. Melanie Johnson

    Our pets will sleep anywhere.

  339. Michele Behlen

    My dog is a St. Bernard so he sleeps on the floor. He would love to have his own bed.

  340. Brenda Elsner

    Our cat sleeps in whichever bed in the house that he decides to sleep on.

  341. susan smoaks

    she likes to sleep in her bed

  342. Sandra W.

    My dogs sleep in their dog beds but my one puppy loves the floor a lot too, especially our memory foam bath mats!

  343. Jamie

    In our bedroom on the floor!

  344. Jennifer Boyte

    Bella sleeps in HER bed…which she allows us to use a small portion of. :)

  345. Peggy Rydzewski

    Molly sleeps at the foot of the bed.

  346. Jennifer C

    on the couch

  347. Kat Emerick

    My dogs sleep together in the family room on a pillow

  348. Kyle

    in or under the bed

  349. Tatum

    On the couch!

  350. Chelsea A

    In bed with me, or on the hard wood floor … we don’t have a proper bed for her at the moment. The old one got wrecked when she had a UTI and kept peeing on it, lol. (She’s better now!)

  351. Jerri

    Our cats sleep all over the house, sometimes in bed with us, sometimes in the office, and sometimes in the living room.

  352. Jackee

    She sleeps on my bed next to me.

  353. Jennifer Marie

    on our couch!

  354. Gianna

    On the bed.

  355. monique melton

    our dogs sleep on the floor next to our bed..

  356. Carrie

    The foot of our bed!

  357. Jessica Hays

    Mine loves to sleep on the couch!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  358. shirley zolenski

    Anywhere near me

  359. Christine F

    My three doxies sleep in bed with me. I think they would love this bed tho.

  360. Betty Curran

    My cat sleeps right next to me, wherever I lie down. Even when I nap on the couch she is right there by me.

  361. Janet Boyanton

    My cat likes to sleep on my son’s bed.

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