$5000 Dog Wedding Was For Charity

Dog wedding

While $5,000 might seem overly excessive for a dog wedding things have to be taken into perspective. Yes a lot of money was spent on watching some dogs being strolled down the aisle but that really wasn’t what the event was about. The two dogs in question do seem to love each other — spending time each day curled up on a bed together. But the truth is the event was meant to be a cute way to raise money for a local shelter. The hostesses wanted to throw a party for their friends and knew what their budget was but being philanthropic they decided to make the party into a charity event not only to raise money for an organization that they feel strongly about but to bring more awareness to the organization.

Generally when any organization has a fundraiser they have to pay out of pocket for the location or find donors to give them the money for the space, food, etc and spend their man hours putting it together often having to hire someone to be in charge of events. The dog wedding was completely paid for by the hostesses, set up by the hostesses, and came complete with guest list. There was even media at the event meaning the event was a full package deal for a very thankful shelter.

The hostesses could have just written a check for $5,000 to the organization or they could have just had a party for their friends that was more elaborate then most people are used to. But they decided that they could do it all by having a Dog Wedding fundraiser. Considering that the video of the event went viral and was seen by people around the world because of the outrage that someone would spend $5,000 on a dog wedding the event was more then successful in bringing awareness to the shelter.

So far, the dog wedding has raised more than $6,000 for Orphan Pet Oasis/ Humane Society of the Desert, and money keeps coming in from around the country, said president Malinda Bustos.

  1. Billie

    What a unique way to raise money.

  2. ShellieAndBrutus

    That’s just so adorable!! Glad they raised some money. That was agreat idea.

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