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Every dog owner knows the drill…
The dog begs to go out in the pouring rain and then prances back inside all excited if you are lucky they will just wait for you to get a towel to dry them off. If you are not so lucky and have a dog like Indiana she will use any surface from a wall to freshly cleaned carpet to dry herself off depositing water, mud, dirt and those annoying paw prints all over everything. Even if you are lucky enough to catch them before they go running around the house doing the zoomies spraying water and dirt everywhere and have towels for each dog waiting by the door you know your dog is still wet after taking the time to dry them off.

Soggy Doggy Doormat and Shammy

With Spring rain right around the corner I thought I would introduce you to a product called Soggy Doggy they make doormats and shammy’s that are made specifically for drying your dog off after going out in the rain. Here is why they work they are make of super-absorbent, durable, microfiber chenille! Each of the “noodles” in the Soggy Doggy Doormat® and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is made from millions of textured, ultra-fine strands woven together, so the surface area of these products is much greater than meets the eye! The expansive surface area is the secret to microfiber chenille’s tremendous absorbing power and super-fast drying!

The microfiber chenille blend allows the Soggy Doggy Doormats® and Super Shammys to soak up water and dirt like a sponge! The doormats absorb 5x more water than regular cotton doormats and the Super Shammy can hold up to 7x its weight in water! The material is exceptionally hard-working and goes right in the washer and dryer! But the chenille also makes it velvety-soft and gentle under delicate paws and bellies.

What I can tell you is that I opened up our box and put the doormat down on the floor Davinia went over to it right away to sniff around and check it out. I figured she would take a minute to see what it was all about and then ignore it. Instead she decided it was her new bed and curled up and fell fast asleep. She likes the mat so much she could sometimes even be found sleeping on it in one room while i was in another. That is very unusual for her but it was nice and soft and comfy so I totally understand why she wanted to sleep there. Sometimes Indiana would also join her on it to rest when I happened to be in the room. We didn’t really get much drying experience with it but it did rain one day when the girls came home with their belly’s soaking wet so we got to try out the Super Shammy and the doormat for what it was meant for to dry them off. it really worked well Indiana didn’t really mind me drying her off though she prefers to dry herself off so I told her to “dry” on the mat which she did and with a little help from me with the Super Shammy she was good to go in no time. Davinia who loves to get dried off and babied waited while i used the shammy on her. She takes longer to dry then Indiana I really don’t know why but it got her much drier then using a regular towel for the same amount of time.

I did have one other experience drying Indiana at least partially with the Super Shammy. Indiana who has a tendancy to eat anything not bolted down decided 30 minutes before I had a mover coming over to give us a quote to stick her head and her ears in poo. Her ears were covered and I knew getting it out with a paper towel was out of the question so I put her in the kitchen sink (she is a bit big for it) but I didn’t want to deal with a full bath and washed her ear. Once the nasty part was done and over I now had 15 minutes to get half her body dry and get her in the crate with Davinia. I grabbed the Super Shammy and dried her ear and the one side of her body. She was not a happy girl. Though I think even she realized she stunk and needed to get cleaned off. I got her ear mostly dry picked her up got the water off her belly and put her in the crate with Davinia. If I had tried to use a regular towel her ears would have been soaking wet still when she went into the crate but this way they were barely damp.

I think I probably had to be more careful drying Davinia and Indiana then someone would have to be if they were drying say a Labrador (or any dog with a short coat whether because they are short coated or they visit the groomer to get that way) not to tangle their long feathers and ear but for most dogs that really wouldn’t be an issue.

Win it!
Soggy Doggy Doormat and Super Shammy in your choice of size and color to match your home. $59 value!

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  1. Kelly Ann T.

    One of my dogs doesn’t mind the rain and the other hates it. They are both Alaskan Malamutes who love the snow.

  2. Sue at Talking Dogs

    I won’t enter to win because I already have a Soggy Doggy Doormat and shammy, but wanted to comment: I LOVE them!

  3. Melissa Lawler

    My son has a 8 month old lab puppy. She loves anything messy!

  4. Monica

    no rain loving dog here! :-)

  5. penny hyde

    indeed he does!!!! this is very much needed at our home with our Trouble!!!

  6. Lauren Garrett

    Of course!! Especially after a bath!!! lol

  7. Nenna

    Not at all. :D

  8. Debbie Lamb - DeDa Studios

    King loves the rain…he does not like mud! :)

  9. Kelli

    as long as it’s not Raining hard or storming She LOVES the rain she loves getting wet (rather its rain, snow, or after a bath) it makes her hyper and she runs all through the house, playing tugging on her kids, jumping all over the place, Barking, just having a big ole’ Ball but if its Raining Hard or storming she’s scared to death to go out the door

  10. Julie Greeb

    She hates going out in the rain but loves going out in the snow.

  11. Keisa Rogers

    I have one dog that loves the rain and the other will not leave her bed when it is raining.Thanks for the giveaways!

  12. Monica Tompkins (@mnjsponsoredwed)

    No, he hates it!!

  13. Jodi B

    they don’t care to. they know that if they gotta pee then they gotta go out in the rain. most of the time, they dont even know its raining till they get wet.

  14. Ashley Tucker

    Yes my dogs like to go out in the rain

  15. Lisa

    My Brittany Spaniel doesn’t mind going out in the rain, but she LOVES running around in the snow, which makes for a wet, melty mess when she come back inside!

  16. Karen

    I have a 22lb husky/rat terrier who is the daintiest of all. She comes in, will hand me her paws to check. Then I have a 80+lbs bull mastiff/english pointer who will go outside and run at a dead run, jump and skid in the mud in the two minutes he is out. He will try to bolt past me and in two bounds on to the carpet when he comes in. AH! I would love to win this. ;)

  17. Debbie C

    rain, snow, etc, that is always when my doggies want to go outside!

  18. Denise Taylor

    My dog does not like the rain

  19. deanna

    like to be outside ANY weather

  20. Raynetta Maggiacomo

    What a great idea! I have a chocolate lab who LOVES the rain:)

  21. scottsgal

    they don’t mind the rain but they don’t like storms.

  22. Coreen Boyce

    Yes, my dogs love the rain.

  23. Stephanie Hirsch

    One of my dogs enjoys the rain, the other does NOT, she will refuse to go outside if its raining, lol.

  24. lindsay

    Yes, she loves being out in the rain!

  25. Elizabeth Berry

    My dog doesn’t really like the rain, but she loves to run through the wet dewey grass and dirt and she turns into a mess!

  26. melitta

    Love it! Is it international?
    My dog hates rain, but he adores snow! interesting, right? :)

  27. Danielle E.

    Wilson doesn’t mind light rain or getting wet but will not go out if it is raining hard.

  28. Sandy VanHoey

    No, she really doesn’t like it at all so she gets her business done quickly

  29. jody cowan

    I also, have a cavalier! He hates the rain and won’t go out in it! My other dog is a sheltie, he doesnt mind it. Thanks for this opportunity.

  30. Catie

    If it’s just sprinkling Dexter will stay out and play in the rain. but if it’s raining hard, he’ll go out to do his business and that’s it!

  31. Kim

    My 3 year old shih-poo doesn’t mind it too badly, but he DOES get those crazy zoomies when he comes back in. I’m picking up an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy in 2 days and true to her breed, she will probably love the rain, snow and mud. I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  32. Matthew

    No, our dog is too pampered and doesn’t like to be cold and wet.

  33. Jessica K

    My dogs hate the rain. They will only go out to pee if I go with them LOL

  34. Anna H

    No, our 3 lb Maltese HATES going out in any precipitation! Since she’s white, I got so scared when it snowed last year. I usually have to put a raincoat or jacket on her during bad weather for her to “agree” to go out

  35. Janna Johnson

    He will go but he doesn’t like it
    Fab giveaway! thanks again! Janna Johnson
    janna @ feedyourpig on gfc

  36. Clleen Busch

    My two dogs hate the rain and my twitter is @busch0218

  37. Jayme From WI

    Both of our dogs HATE rain.

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

  38. Shari Lynn Alligood

    Both my dogs love going out in the rain :-)

  39. Dree Getz

    My dog hates going out in the rain.

  40. catherine c

    rocky does not like to go out in the rain

  41. Holly Hennessy Swint

    No both of my dogs do not like to be out in the rain for very long

  42. Rhonda Clemens

    My dog doesn’t mind the rain!

  43. Clenna

    My dog is a Golden, who loves to play in the rain and snow.

    clenna at aol dot com

  44. tami husak

    my doggy hates the rain, but loves the snow

  45. Kim Reid

    Thanks :)

  46. Sam Buck

    My cousin’s dog does…and makes a HUGE mess!

  47. Robyn Wilmot

    YES! My dog, Shaggy, love the rain and snow or anything cold and wet!

  48. Rachael H.

    Not really :)

  49. Kathryn C.

    Yes, she does like to go out in the rain. It was raining here today and I had to call her to come back in.

    katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  50. Joanne

    My dog hates going out in the rain. She does not like to step in the puddles.

  51. Laura Jacobson

    Im not sure as I adopted him the end of October, so we have had snow! But…he does like the snow!

  52. Rebecca Graham

    My dog likes the rain.

  53. Terra Heck

    My dog is ok with a slight drizzle but does not like to go out if it’s pouring down rain. Thanks.

  54. Michele Behlen

    We have a St. Bernard and he likes any kind of weather.

  55. heather eg kaufman

    He does not like the rain or baths.

  56. Melissa Alexander

    My dogs name is actually Raine! She doesn’t like the rain though, lol. BUT she loves a bath! She actually waits outside the shower for her turn! She’s funny!
    We just got a new puppy named Bacon (because of her curly pig tail) She was recently caught jumping in puddles so I would say she loves the rain!

  57. Paul T / Pauline T

    Beignet loves the water and rain – ( emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  58. Heather C. Cox

    i was searching for something JUST like this for christmas but couldnt find a single product to help! i’m one of the lucky ones, my dog will come inside after EVERY outing and wait on the towel we have next to the door until we tell her its ok to go! she doesnt much care for any type of precipitation!

  59. Val Muller

    Looks like a great idea. My corgis love to get muddy, and one of them hates being dried off!

  60. Jessica E Ledford

    I have four dogs…none of them *like* to go out in the rain, but three can’t stand it and one just doesn’t pay any attention to it ;)

  61. Lana Bradstream

    Not really

  62. Jeanne

    I have one dog that hates the rain and one that doesn’t mind going out in it at all. Thank you for this great giveaway. :)

  63. Lisa Weidknecht

    Buddy doesn’t mind rain, doesn’t love it. Hates thunder though!

  64. Ellen Snyder

    We get alot of rain in Florida so this would be perfect for my lab.

    • Ellen Snyder

      This crazy dog loves to be out in the rain.

  65. Bernice

    my sons dog loves to roll around in the mud on rainy days

  66. Stacy

    My dog HATES the rain! I have to take him out with an umbrella in order to get him to go outside.

  67. nina

    One of my dogs do, and the other doesn’t!

  68. Courtney

    he hates the rain!

  69. Rita

    Both of my dogs hate getting wet, but, I don’t know why I enter these things, I never win anything from anywhere.

  70. Cheryl Sharp

    We have four dogs all but one likes the rain and the mud that follows.

  71. Danielle Lee

    The big one does, not the little girl!

  72. amy linderman

    mine does!

  73. Sandy

    He’s a Jack Russell, he doesn’t even notice the rain!

  74. Kay Garrett

    This would be just awesome for those messy spring rains that are just about upon us when the four legged baby just HAS to go outside during the heaviest part of the shower.

  75. Carrie M

    My dog does not like the rain at all. I have to go out with her when it does or she’ll never go.

  76. Mary

    My Lab doesn’t mind the rain so takes his sweet time out in it and comes in soaked and ready to dry off on my furniture and carpet, this would be great to win

  77. April Brenay

    my dog is such a diva, he hates the rain! he hates baths, he hates the beach, he hates the pool…but he loves to be towel dried :)

  78. Jody L

    My dogs don’t like it, they’ll go but they’ll be quick.

  79. Shannon Baas

    They do not like the rain.

  80. polly

    we have a golden retriever & she loves the rain!

  81. robyn paris

    Well I have two dogs the little guy does not like to go out in the rain, but the big guy loves it because the ground is softer and he digs.

  82. melinda g

    I have two enormous dogs who are not prissy in the least. Mud, rain, snow, they don’t care. Outside is outside.

  83. Valerie Johnson

    We have 5 dogs and one in particular loves to go out when it’s raining and lay out in the yard and get soaked!

  84. Sasha W

    My dog doesn’t mind the rain but I wouldn’t say she likes to go out in the rain.

  85. Diane W

    My little doxies do not like the rain. I often have to go out with them to get them to.

  86. Stacey

    This would work great for my dog grooming.

  87. Jude Skocki Kelly

    my little spoiled princes go out in the rain or snow. hahahaha. they hate it :)

  88. Jacqui Odell

    my dog loves the rain~

  89. Karen

    No, they don’t like being wet, LOL

  90. Russell Moore

    If I am trying to keep her dry, she loves the rain. Otherwise, No.

  91. joni

    He doesn’t like the heavy rains but a fine rain he likes. Then he comes in the house and runs around like a mad dog to dry off.

  92. Haley McLain

    Rain, no. Mud, YES :]

  93. Kathy Luman

    Yes my dogs like to go out in the rain.

  94. Sarah

    Frankie HATES going out in the rain – that’s why they make pee pads.

  95. charline

    Yes And he will just stand there getting soaked.

  96. Amy DeLong

    yes they do and love snow even more

  97. melanie dauterive

    Oh yea, he loves it!

  98. Desiree Dunbar

    They do not like the rain.

  99. Ger

    No, she doesn’t like going out in the rain!

  100. Jennifer J

    My doggies will run and play out in the yard when it is raining, as long as it isn’t thundering! Thanks!!

  101. randall robison

    Both my dogs hate the rain.i have a boston terrier, and an english bulldog.thanks

  102. melissa Resnick

    rain snow mud makes no diff here

  103. sarah

    Brady likes to go out in every type of weather.

  104. Trish B.

    My dogs HATE to go out in the rain! They are all rescued and probably lived in all kinds of weather before we adopted them.

  105. tamatha hunter

    I have 2 outta 3 dogs that have no problem running out in the rain until the thunder comes.

  106. elven johnson

    Rosco loves going out doors rain or shine.

  107. Coriander Warren

    I have 3 and only one of my dogs will go out in the rain willingly. She is a labrador and she will play forever in the drops if we would let her!

  108. Amber Carter

    not so much the rain, but she loves the snow

  109. Monique Rizzo

    Our lab loves it, but the 2 dachshunds act like it is acid and it is going to melt them. LOL
    Thanks for the chance.

  110. Dorothy Campbell

    I have two dogs one loves the rain the other does not.

  111. Pam Sims

    My dogs hate to go out in the rain.

  112. Susan Ladd

    No, Hollie hates the rain and we have to make her go out in it. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :)

  113. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    no he just looks pitiful and fights getting shoved out the door.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  114. Jennifer B

    One of my dogs doesn’t mind the rain but our pug, NO WAY!

  115. ShellieAndBrutus

    They don’t particularly like the rain but will tolerate it if the need to pee.

  116. Holly S.

    No! She’s a priss about it, but sometimes you just have to! Thanks.


    No no no. Sigh

  118. Holly S.


  119. Michelle Tucker


  120. Amy S

    My dog loves to play in the rain.

  121. Kathy Kiley

    Rain, snow, hail, wind, sun. It doesn’t matter. My Rory goes out in it all. Now he may hesitate for a minute if it is a hurricane but after a few seconds out he goes. And then in he comes with the wet and the mud. LOL These towels would sure come in handy. :)

  122. jodi lasher

    No, my big boy hates the rain, but my little dog does not mind it so much

  123. Michelle W

    Our dogs hate the rain, they walk outside and turn right back around

  124. Sherry S.

    No they don’t.

  125. Dawn

    My dog doesn’t like to go out at all! He is a total lapdog! Lol!


  126. Tom C

    Not sure he likes going out in the rain…but he sure finds all the puddles when he does

  127. Dawn Starr-Freeman

    I think my dog, Moe, may have been a mailman in a previous life. He doesn’t care what the weather is, out the door he goes! lol

  128. Laurie Pearson

    My dog Benji doesn’t mind going out in the rain. My other dog Emmy hates the rain!!

  129. Shirley

    No, he doesn’t. Except when he’s going swimming.

  130. Cori G.

    my dog hates the rain. he usually chooses to wait it out

  131. kathy pease

    yes my dog loves the rain

  132. Aranda Gibbs

    I have a mini weiner dog who hates the rain she is so tiny her poor little belly almost touches the ground when she talks she gets soaked every time!

  133. sheryl cullum

    No she dont but if she has to go she hurrys about it :)
    amasfuntime at yahoo dot com

  134. lisa l

    Of course :o )

  135. spirit_kim

    He actually hates it but, if I threw the Frisbee he would go after it. He does however;love to run in the mud after the rain, silly rabbit!

  136. Leona P

    no he doesnt like the rain

  137. sandie parsons

    My dog HATES any water that is not drinking water

  138. jessica

    loves it

  139. christina moore

    My dogs does not like rain

  140. Erica C.

    My dog usually avoids the rain, but when he really has to go, he braves the weather.

  141. Dani

    My one dog hates the rain and will barely go out to go to the bathroom. Our other dog, off the streets, loves it!

  142. Shakia T.

    Ha! If it rains two days here, I have to push them out the door! I mean we all now an american pit bull terrier will melt in rain! lol

  143. carol lewis

    No, no , and no!

  144. Theresa J

    Absolutely, they also like mud.

  145. Leah Shumack

    yes!!! she loves the rain!

  146. betsy barnes

    Our dog always goes out in the rain, she likes it except when it thunders.

  147. Kallie

    Not really…but loves to be in the snow!

  148. Noelle Cagle

    No he is such a baby. Even a little mist he resists.

  149. Janet K

    No!! They will avoid the rain and poop in the hall! :(

  150. Naomi Sturgis

    Yes! She gets so wet and muddy!

  151. Beth Hargett

    We have a Siberian Husky named Sable who LOVES to be outside, rain or shine. She doesn’t care!!!!

  152. Kristen

    One does, the other doesn’t.
    The one that does went out today to dig in the mud left by the sprinkler and came in with very dirty paws!!

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