How to Find The Best Dog Park

How to Find The Best Dog Park

If you want to find a fun place for your dog to play, you might want to start checking out the local dog parks. Dog Parks can be great way to help Socialize your dog and keep them Social throughout their lives. With the wide open spaces and other well behaved dogs to play with a visit the the Dog Park can be the adventure of a lifetime. Finding the best dog park or the right dog park for your dog is not as easy as driving over to the closest park and letting your dogs go. Dog Parks can be amazing places or they can be the worst place to bring your dog and something you should avoid completely.

How to Find The Best Dog Park
1. Look for reviews on all of the dog parks in your area
Look online to see if anyone has left internet reviews for your local dog park. This is a great way to find honest opinions about the cleanliness and safety of the space. Ask friends and neighbors with dogs what they think about the dog park, what times of day, and days of the week they have gone to play. Take all of those factors into consideration when deciding if that location is the right one for your dog.

2. See if vaccinations are required.
You may not wish to use a park where vaccination proof is not required of the owners or that you have heard from friends sick dogs frequent. This can put your pup at risk. Look for a puppy park that requires all pups to have current vaccinations on file. In a large city like NYC your dog should not be out Socializing before they have had all of their vaccinations that means unless you know every dog that frequents a location your new dog should not be visiting. It is one thing for a new dog to play and socialize around your own dogs that are up to date on their vaccinations or friends and family that you trust to keep their dogs up to date but if you don’t knwo for sure do not chance making your dog sick or worse over a day at the park.

3. Check out the fencing.
Make sure the park is safely fenced in so you can avoid losing your dog or having him run off. The fence should surround the park and have an open/close latched gate. The entrance to the enclosed area should have a double gate so that you can put on and off your dog’s leash in that area and be double assured that no one can run out when someone comes or goes. It should also be in good condition you don’t want your dog to get cut or injured by a rusty fence while playing. The smaller your dog the more careful you need to be that the fencing goes all the way to the ground and cannot be pulled up or dug under by your curious dog.

4. Make sure clear rules are posted.
Make sure you choose a location where the visitors know what is expected of them. Clear rules have everyone on the same page and don’t leave anything up for question. If a rule it posted it is for you and your dog’s protection. That might mean no toys or treats of your own. A dog could be great running and playing and swimming but once food is introduced they can get jealous or food aggressive around other dogs which can start fights. A prized possession from home or a favorite tennis ball might seem like a great thing to bring to the park until another dog tries to play too. Be mindful and considerate of your dog. Let them have all the fun they can while following the rules.

5. Check for cleanliness.
A dog park should be well maintained. The grass should be clipped often, shrubs trimmed back, fencing and climbing toys maintained, and waste cleaned up. This tells you it is a well cared for, clean space that all can enjoy. Leave the park the way you want to find it. If that means throwing out trash left behind or picking up poop that wasn’t left by your dog do it. You want your dog to have a fun and safe experience so that you can go back over and over again.

What tips would you give to someone looking for the best dog park?

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  1. We looked online when we started. There aren’t that many within an hour of our place which makes it easier. Many have a website and will state if they are fenced or not, have a pond or water, and other regulations.
    Emma recently posted..10 Reasons To Work Out With Your DogMy Profile

  2. The only dog park in our area is terrible. The park itself is great and there are rules, but no one seems to follow them. People bring in unsocialized dogs, tiny puppies, and females in heat. It’s not worth the risk to go here.
    It’s Dog or Nothing recently posted..Writing Process TourMy Profile

  3. I so wish we had areas like this, ours are open and unmonitored. They are in areas where people with big dogs like to run them and play ball, because they are fined if they use people parks or school grounds now (bad owners who don’t pick up are my thoughts) I do take my dogs to doggy day care but that’s indoors/outdoors and costly for three dogs.
    Tess Gleason recently posted..Weekly Specials for July 15My Profile

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