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Sheep Does Agility

Check out this sheep doing Agility that was trained using the clicker and some treats! … [Read more...]

Adopt Me, Maybe? / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Welcome to the new and improved Pet Bloggers Blog Hop! This is is a weekly event to help you connect with other . Whether you are a seasoned blogger, one who loves reading pet blogs, or if you’re just thinking about starting your own blog – there is definitely something here for you. Acquaint … [Read more...]

Blind Dog Finds New Home at Minor League Baseball Stadium

Stevie Wonder, a 6-month-old German shepherd mix, was adopted by the Albuquerque Isotopes pitcher John Ely, who met the pup when the team volunteered at Watermelon Mountain Ranch, an animal shelter in Rio Rancho, N.M. The players were instantly taken with the dog and decided to give him a home at … [Read more...]

Dogs Get Vaccinated for Lyme Disease Why Can’t People

In 1975 Dr Allen Steere was sent to the Connecticut town of Lyme to look into a mysterious cluster of kids who had gotten arthritis - what he found was tick born Lyme Disease. After the discovery, isolated the spiral-shaped bacterium that causes Lyme disease, and then they looked for ways to make … [Read more...]

Mailmen at the German Postal Service Taking Classes in Dog Defense

Mailmen at Deutsche Post are taking classes in dog defense so that they can learn how to behave when entering a dog's territory. Mailmen in rural areas particularly benefit from the program because dogs often roam freely in people's front yards in rural areas unlike in the city where dogs are inside … [Read more...]

Search Dog Back in Action After Leg Amputation

The six-year-old Search dog was trapped last month after going missing on a walk at Penmaenmawr in Conwy, UK when she took off after a rabbit. Jojo the Spaniel was found stuck to a fence 14 days after going missing. One of the other dogs from the International Training Centre where Jojo lives found … [Read more...]

Students Train Dogs To Learn Responsibility

30 students from Harper High School in Chicago a school known for gang violence will be learning about Human Behavior and responsibility this summer through a program that has students train dogs. The program which is run by a pastor out of Liberation Christian Center and using dogs from Woodlawn … [Read more...]

Cooking for Dogs – Stuffed Peppers

I love stuffed peppers at a BBQ. They’re one of those foods that are really easy to make up ahead of time, so that you can hang out with your guests once the party starts. It takes no effort at all to pop them on the BBQ, char them and have a fancy little dish ready to serve. They are really … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Davinia says... Happy Wordless Wednesday … [Read more...]

Bayer Animal Health Donates Money to Domestic Violence Shelter

More than 80 percent of pet owners who enter a domestic violence shelter say they would have left their threatening situation much sooner if they hadn’t feared for the safety of their pet. In addition to spousal or child abuse an abuser frequently threatens, maims or kills a family pet to further … [Read more...]

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